Healthy Eyes Working for You Is a New Education Resource about Vision Benefits from Transitions

NEW YORK—Healthy Eyes Working for You is a new education program from Transitions which aims to increase awareness of the value of vision benefits through education. Transitions Optical said the new website that aims to increase awareness of the importance of regular eye exams and premium eyewear option is available through a comprehensive vision benefit.

With sections of information geared to professionals and brokers and also to employees and consumers, the site allows visitors to enter one of two portals—one for HR professionals and brokers, and the other for employees—to access a toolkit of customized resources. It provides a wide range of information, educational resources and quantitative tools to reinforce the value of offering—or enrolling in—a premium vision plan.

Among some of the featured tools are:

  • Vision Plan Savings Calculator (for employers): Employers can enter the specific demographics of their workforce to calculate the savings possible by offering a premium vision benefits plan.
  • Sight on Savings Calculator (for employees): Employees can enter their age, gender and ethnicity for a personalized report about the eye diseases and vision-related problems they are most at risk for developing. They can also learn more about how a comprehensive vision plan can save them time (in terms of productivity), money (health care-related dollars) and sight.
  • Healthy InSights Newsletter: Employers can sign up for this quarterly e-newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest vision benefits trends, research and resources available from Transitions Healthy Sight Working for You.
  • Eyecare Tips: Employers and employees can read more about the unique eye health issues more prevalent in different demographic groups.
  • Research Presentations: Employers and Brokers can learn more about their workforce by reviewing key findings from the annual Transitions Employee Perceptions of Vision Benefits survey.
  • White Papers: Readers can gain insights into the latest research and perspectives from industry leaders on essential eye health and vision benefits topics.