NEW YORK—There is no shortage of coveted, swoon-worthy eyewear these days, and sometimes all the choices can feel overwhelming for both patients and ECPs alike. Walking into a fully stocked optician’s space can make you feel like a kid in a candy shop, but it can also feel almost impossible to narrow things down and make a choice. For patients, this can lead to indecision and sometimes overlooking the perfect frame, while ECPs might be desperate to show off their favorite eyewear, but might not have the time to do so in every single session.

Thankfully, we live in a world with social media, allowing us to curate and show off our favorite things whenever we want to—a fantastic tool for ECPs obsessed with their in-office frame collections. On Instagram, some ECPs have found the perfect way to showcase what’s in stock with #FrameOfTheDay, a hashtag where they share an image of a frame each day. The frame is usually something new or popular, or something special a patient has chosen as their own. This week, we’re taking a look at the #FrameOfTheDay hashtag to see how ECPs everywhere are using it—and how you can, too.

In Cincinnati, the team at Focal Point Eyecare used #FrameOfTheDay to show off these bold, show-stopping Fendi frames. Image via focalpointeeyecare on Instagram. 

Optometric Center, in Boise, Idaho, showcased Draper James frames in #FrameOfTheDay. The multi-image feature on Instagram is a fantastic way to show the full frame, as well as zoom in on the details that make a frame special. Image via optometric_center on Instagram.

Eye Eye Sheffield in Sheffield, England, took their #FrameOfTheDay photoshoot outside to make the colors of this Andy Wolf frame truly pop. Image via eyeyesheffield on Instagram.

There’s no substitute for showing what eyewear truly looks like on the face. The team at  Oculus Norwich in Norwich, England, used the #FrameOfTheDay hashtag to show some beautiful frames on a beaming patient. Image via oculusnorwich on Instagram.

Family Eyecare of Linden in Linden, New Jersey, showcase both a men’s and a women’s frame for their #FrameOfTheDay posts. Image via familyeyecare515 on Instagram.

In Ireland, the team at Conor Fleming Opticians use #FrameOfTheDay both to showcase a frame and share a little about the frame’s history and design. Image via flemingopticians on Instagram.

The team at Eyewear Concepts in Dickinson, North Dakota, showed off the details on the Oakley Saddle in #FrameOfTheDay. Image via eyewear.concepts on Instagram.