Everyone Is Looking to Elton John for Eyewear Inspiration

NEW YORK—Musician-inspired celebrity biopics have been all the rage recently. The trend started with "Bohemian Rhapsody," and is escalating even higher with "Rocketman," as VM noted in this feature. "Rocketman" tells the story of Elton John’s career and stars Taron Egerton. The film was produced, in part, by John himself. John’s career has been eye-catching for a multitude of reasons—including his fantastical, over the top, trendsetting eyewear decisions. John has long been the king of campy eyewear, and of using his eyewear both to complete a look and make a statement. And now, "Rocketman" has reminded many of us just how incredible John’s optical looks were.

In conjunction with "Rocketman’s" release, many optical brands, optical fans and independents have been sharing their optical looks, which were inspired by Elton. Here are a few of our favorites.


Vision Expo shared a few of Elton John’s most iconic eyewear looks, as well as a picture
of the inside of his eyewear collection, which reportedly exceeded 200,000 frames.

Philadelphia based optical shop Margot&Camille urged their
customers to see "Rocketman" for the fantastic frames.

Anna-Karin Karlsson shared how a pair of their frames was used
for a "Rocketman" inspired shoot in Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

Blogger Sarah Stepanek shares her Elton John inspired frames.

Independent opticians Bramley Pope Opticians, located in Bristol, England, shared
an Elton John eyewear meme on their Instagram page.

Tattoo artist John Lew shows off an Elton John eyewear tattoo on his Instagram.

Eye Health Solutions, located in Knoxville, Iowa, got excited about new
eyewear stock in this image, which they tagged #EltonJohnGlasses.

Center Stage Optique, in New York City, was inspired
after seeing Elton John live at the Barclay’s Center.