Hoya Vision Care Helps Out Busy ECPs With a Holiday Social Media Kit

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LEWISVILLE, Texas—Hoya Vision Care has issued a helpful Holiday Social Media Kit for ECPs and their teams to use to connect with current and prospective patients during the busy holiday season. The company explained to ECPs, "We know how busy the holiday season is, so we didn’t want you to have to focus on a social marketing strategy when you need every team member focused on the patient."

Hoya added, "Social media offers a great way to keep your patient base engaged, inform them about new products, and encourage eye exams. If you aren’t already posting to your social media accounts, now is the perfect time to start."

The company sent out a one-page holiday social calendar which provides actual posts, suggested hashtags and tips. A link to that PDF is posted here. Hoya wrote the content, included the hashtags, provided some images and articles, as well as included instructions for ECPs' own photos and posts.

Users can copy and paste the messages into their social account, snap the occasional picture, and start boosting practice growth, Hoya pointed out. Hoya also provided general social media calendar instructions. That PDF is posted here.