Coronavirus BRIEFING

Simple Solution for Defogging Eyewear

Product: Cabeau Tape
Top Line: Cabeau Tape, from travel products maker, Cabeau, is a simple solution for lenses that fog up while wearing a face mask.
Close Up: Cabeau Tape works with both cloth and surgical masks and helps:
1. Prevent eyeglasses from fogging
2. Increase mask filtration efficacy by sealing gaps in ill-fitting masks and forcing both inhalation and exhalation through the filtration medium
3. Keep masks on wriggly children
According to Cabeau, more than 80 percent of virus-sized particles penetrating face masks come through gaps at the faceseal, according to Cabeau.
Vital Stats: Watch this video to see the difference in protection with Cabeau Tape.; (877) 962-2232