Coronavirus BRIEFING

Opticians Association of America Posts COVID-19 Resources for Its Members


NEW YORK—In a note to its members yesterday, the Opticians Association of America  (OAA) provided an update on available resources to help opticians in the COVID-19 crisis. The message from Dibby Bartlett, president of the OAA, also acknowledged that while many national and regional education seminars have been canceled or postponed, that OAA will continually update its website’s calendar, as information is received, in order to give you the latest live education opportunities. Barlett pointed out, "If your state allows online continuing education credits, there are many opportunities available for you. OAA offers online continuing education offerings on our website

The letter added, "With concerns for continuing education credits, please keep in mind that all opticians nationwide are in a similar situation concerning their education requirements. When this medical crisis is behind us, OAA believes there will be ample opportunities to get those credits. All licensed and certified professional opticians are affected by this crisis." For updates on certification testing, OAA suggested members visit the ABO-NCLE site

The note stated, "Our commitment to the safety and well-being of our members and their patients has long been a part of our core values and operating procedures. The Opticians Association of America is dedicated to doing our best to provide information on creating a safe and healthy working environment for our members and their patients." While efforts to contain COVID-19 continue to evolve, OAA recommends suggestions from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for office disinfect, recommendations for employers.

The OAA said, "Some offices are choosing to close their doors for a time, others have chosen to remain open. Each office should look to the CDC, their state, community and family members for guidance on these decisions.

Barlett added, "The OAA continues to meet virtually with our committees and do the work that you have entrusted us to do: strengthen state associations, help establish new state associations, continue our branding efforts, monitor legislation, communicate with our supporting corporate partners and more. The OAA will continue publishing our monthly eNewsletter in order to remain in consistent communication and contact with our members. We will monitor and communicate any and all relevant information as we learn it."