Independents Find Inspiration in Rainbows and Pride

NEW YORK—Each year, people all around the world celebrate Pride in the month of June. A time dedicated to honoring and celebrating our LGBT+ friends, family and community members, Pride is often characterized by parades, parties and rainbow-colored decorations or fashion. It’s pretty hard to look at a rainbow-colored pair of sunglasses, or a storefront, and not feel inspired, so it’s no surprise that the optical community is taking part in Pride in their own way this year with special sales, displays and designs. To celebrate Pride, many independent shops and brands have taken to Instagram to show how this special month is inspiring them, and we’ve put together a roundup of how some of the optical community is embracing Pride this year.

Stellar Vision Optometry in Queens, New York, shares a message of support on their Instagram page.

​Eye Care Group in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, shares some fun rainbow
frames and free donuts during Edmonton’s Pride celebrations.

Honest Eyes in Grand Rapids, Michigan, decorated their storefront
in honor of Pride, and set up glasses in a rainbow display.

Independent eyewear brand goodr was inspired to create a special design in honor of pride.

Syracuse New York’s Frameology Optical shared an image of their favorite rainbow frames for Pride.

​The team at San Diego, California based practice
Dr. Chinn’s Vision Care showed their support on Instagram.

​Dr. Tavel, an independent practice located in Indianapolis, Indiana,
was inspired to redesign their logo for Pride.

Illinois based practice Specs Around Town created a rainbow
flat-lay of Kirk and Kirk frames to celebrate Pride.