PORT CHESTER, N.Y.—Zyloware Corp. is reinforcing messages sent to its customers and team members this week, letting them know that the company's office and distribution center here was back up to 100 percent capacity as of yesterday, in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Ida hitting the tri-state New York area on Sept. 1. The office and distribution center was closed for six business days through last Friday as significant roof damage to a building connected to Zyloware caused a ripple effect on the sprinkler system and the local fire marshall had to initially close Zyloware down and then clear it for reopening.

The company reopened yesterday, after several Zyloware team members came in on Saturday to prep orders for Monday. Noted Janna Neal, VP of operations, "This was a huge team effort by all Zyloware departments and team members. Everyone went above and beyond to support each other during this time. Zyloware is back up and running at 100 percent capacity," Neal said.

James Shyer, Zyloware's  co-CEO and COO, told VMAIL, “I never could have imagined the effects from hurricane Ida would have shut us down for as long as it did. I’m just so relieved that each of our employees and their families stayed safe during the storm, and no one was highly impacted. The outpouring of support and understanding we received from our customers was overwhelming.

"We even had quite a few competitors reach out to see how they could help us during that time. I cannot thank everyone enough. It is truly a testament to the wonderful relationships we continue to have for so many years throughout the industry and says so much about how tight-knit our industry is all working for the same cause.”