Product: Webinar on prescribing and selling sports eyewear
Top Line: The International Sports Vision Association (ISVA) and EyeCare Pro will hold a webinar on Thursday, June 24, 7 p.m. ET for practitioners and optical staff interested in learning about “Prescribing and Selling Sports Eyewear in Your Practice.”
Close Up: About 30,000 sports-related eye injuries serious enough to end in a visit to the emergency room occur each year in the U.S., and the majority happen to those under the age of 18. Every-day dresswear eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses don’t offer adequate protection to guard against potential eye injuries. More than 90 percent of sports- and recreation-related eye injuries can be prevented by using appropriate, properly fitted sports eyewear.
ISVA vice president – membership Jennifer Stewart, OD and Daniel Rostenne, CEO of EyeCarePro will discuss current safety standards in eye protection, advice on how to educate your patients about it, and how proper display and placement in your practice and online can help increase optical sales.
Vital Stats: To register for the webinar, visit