Frames Data Launches Major Upgrades for Online Frame Galleries


Product: My Frame Gallery
Top Line: Subscribers to Frames Data's My Frame Gallery product will see major design and feature improvements on the site.
Close Up: My Frame Gallery, which Frames Data launched in 2017, enables optical retailers to create their own virtual frame board to share with patients. The upgrades are expected to improve the experience for practices as well as for the patients they serve.
"This launch is exciting because there's a major cosmetic improvement that our customers will immediately be pleased with," said Frames Data's president, Tom Lamond, "but there are also more subtle upgrades that are going to enhance usability and support the overall process of serving patients remotely."
Highlights of the launch, which went live on Monday, May 4, include a new "splash page" so practices can customize their messaging and welcome users to their Gallery; a design overhaul of the consumer facing Galleries, with a new widescreen format for desktop computers; an enhanced user interface for mobile users; expanded filter options on the consumer interface for improved search results; and a more prominent, interactive Wish List feature.
Vital Stats: The Wish List, which originally debuted in 2018, has become central to how many practices are using My Frame Gallery during the COVID-19 crisis. The feature allows patients to add frames to a list of favorites. That list is then forwarded to the practice, and can be used as a way to help narrow the selection and streamline the fitting process before or in some cases, in lieu of a physical appointment if there is already a prescription on hand. The new design has resulted in a Wish list that has more interactivity, is more visible in the interface, and also now includes an additional pre-written question the practice can ask of the patient (in addition to three other questions that were previously in place).
"We're hearing that our users are becoming very innovative and finding new ways to use My Frame Gallery during the crisis," said Jane George, Frames Data's product manager. "I expect the Wish List in particular to continue to be an important feature, as practices begin to open stores but still need to limit physical interactions with both products and people."
According to George, that includes things like how many physical frames patients try on or how long patients are spending in the practice. "Wish list and virtual try-on help start the frame selection process before the patient is in the office, and that is hugely important now.”; (800) 821-6069, ext. 3