OptiSource Launches ‘Safety First’ PPE Product Category


Product: OptiSource Safety First
Top Line: As the industry begins to reopen, OptiSource has created a new product selection, Safety First, which is customized to help optical businesses safely open to the public during COVID-19 and beyond.
Close Up: OptiSource’s Safety First selection includes: disposable and reusable face masks, plastic face shields, acrylic breath guards for slit lamps and pupilometers, safety glasses, reception desk plastic splash guards, anti-fog lens cleaner, alcohol prep pads, hand sanitizer, and Kimberly-Clark disposable wipes. Many of these new items are made in the USA. OptiSource is procuring additional new items to help with the sanitizing and protection of equipment, surfaces, and frames.
“We are here to support ECP’s getting back to work, and the correct Personal Protective Equipment is crucial,” said Daryl Squicciarini, president of OptiSource. “We are very excited to see a gradual increase in the number of practices that are reopening and look forward to seeing this industry thrive again.”
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