Product: Digital Super Tinter (XD900)
Top Line: The OptiSafe Digital Super Tinter from Phantom Research Laboratories is a single quart (946ml) tank heating system combining accurate digital temperature control, variable stirring action, split lid, and nonstick tank (Vat) for heating lens tinting solutions.
Close Up: The detachable temperature probe is immersed into the tint solution to reflect solution temperature, not the temperature of the HTF as in conventional heating systems. The unit requires only 15 fl. oz. (443ml) of HTF.
Vital Stats: The HTF is a water soluble, environmentally safe, non-hazardous, biodegradable oil blend. Multiple units can be aligned side by side to create a customized tinting system for any lab.;; (800) 225-5559; (619) 449-7754