Dragon Alliance Debuts New Lens Changing Technology

Quick Take: Dragon Eyewear, from Marchon, has debuted a new lens changing technology to its winter 2020 goggles, and added two new styles: PXV2 and RVX OTG.
Specifics: PXV2 is an update of Dragon’s PXV goggle, now featuring Swiftlock lens changing technology. RVX OTG is an entirely new style, which is also debuting the Swiftlock 2.0 lens changing technology. It is also compatible with being worn over eyeglasses. Swiftlock lens technology enables skiers and riders to instantly change lenses, providing a fast, easy, secure way to adapt to changing light conditions. The easy on-and-off mechanism utilizes a pair of small locking levers integrated into the goggle frame to release the lens and switch it out. The RVX OTG with Swiftlock 2.0 features a one-sided lever to release the lens instantly, providing an even faster and more secure way to change lenses when conditions change. Swiftlock 2.0 technology also allows for the RVX OTG to be over-the-glasses compatible.
Selling Point: Dragon’s new additions make switching lenses easier than ever, while still being stylish and on trend. Team ride and professional snowboarder Danny Davis said, “I’m out there wearing these goggles on a daily basis. Dealing with variable weather, heating up and cooling down several times throughout the day. The Swiftlock technology makes it easy to ventilate while hiking and change lenses with my gloves on.”