VSP Optics Launches SunSync Elite XT


Product: SunSync Elite XT
Top Line: VSP Optics is launching SunSync Elite XT, an ‘Extra-Active’ Photochromic Lens
Close Up: Based on SunSync Elite’s proprietary technology, SunSync Elite XT changes from extra dark to clear in seconds. “Bringing SunSync Elite to market was our response to what eyecare professionals and their patients were asking for—true innovation and a leap forward in the photochromic category,” said Randy Dannewitz, senior vice president of strategic development for VSP Optics. “We are proud to build on that cutting-edge innovation and introduce SunSync Elite XT, offering doctors and their patients top-notch vision solutions to meet their lifestyle needs.”
Vital Stats: VSP Optics reports that SunSync Elite XT in polycarbonate has a T1/2 of 120 seconds when tested at 73.4 degrees Fahrenheit. T1/2 is the number of seconds for the lens to go from 10%T (activated) to 50%T as it's fading back. The lens exhibits faster fade-back speed than other products in the extra-active photochromic category, according to VSP. In laboratory testing, SunSync Elite XT lenses in polycarbonate exhibited up to 20 percent more blue light attenuation than competitive polycarbonate lenses. In addition to fast fade-back speed in category and ultra-dark outdoor color, SunSync Elite XT features “exceptional indoor clarity, 100 percent UV protection, superior blue light filtration, outstanding glare-reduction, exceptional durability, and an exclusive one-year, and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for VSP members,” VSP said.