ABB Analyze Lite Software Integrates With Crystal Practice Management System


Product: ABB Analyze and Crystal Practice Management System Integration
Top Line: ABB Optical Group announced the integration of its ABB Analyze Lite practice metrics management software with the Crystal Practice Management system. The move allows eyecare professionals who utilize Crystal PM to easily access ABB Analyze Lite’s enhanced data reporting features with a click of a button, at no cost.
Close Up: Part of the ABB Business Solutions suite of products and services, ABB Analyze is a practice metrics management software offering a tailored business dashboard fully customized to the unique analytical needs of an eye care practice. ABB Analyze helps ECPs and staff efficiently measure and track performance, identify growth opportunities, forecast future trends, and anonymously compare results among peers regionally and nationally with easy and intuitive reports. ABB Analyze Lite is a complimentary version of the Analyze software, offering ECPs an inside look at practice performance metrics such as:
• Year Over Year Growth Comparisons and Trends
• Gross/Net Production and Payments Received
• Key Performance Metrics: Revenue per Refraction and Revenue per Patient
• Patient Summary: New vs. Existing Patients and Examinations
• Ancillary Testing: Fundus Photography, Oct, Screenings, Visual Fields and More
• Live Benchmarking: Easily Compare Practice Performance to Industry Trends
“We are seeing that more and more ECPs are craving information about their practice performance, but they’re not sure what story the data they obtain is actually telling them,” said ABB’s senior director of data strategy Casey Hedberg. “Through this integration with ABB Analyze Lite, data from Crystal PM is analyzed and transformed into key performance indicators directly tied to practice activity, that can be used to set educated goals and identify growth opportunities.” John Knaus, CEO of Crystal Practice Management, remarked, “Crystal Practice Management continues to focus on helping our providers save time and resources while getting the best solutions possible, and the ABB Analyze software fits squarely into that goal,” said. “We are thrilled to work with an organization that is providing all of our customers with valuable analytics at no cost through ABB Analyze Lite.”
Vital Stats: Existing Crystal PM users can easily integrate the ABB Analyze Lite reporting function through the administrative part of their account. Crystal PM users do not have to be an existing ABB Optical Group customer to integrate ABB Analyze Lite into their system, and adding the software is available to users with a click of a button, free of charge. For more information about ABB Analyze and ABB Analyze Lite, or to schedule a demonstration, visit