Oculess Adapts Slit Lamps for Digital Imaging


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Product: Oculess
Top Line: The Oculess (as in the oculars are removed) from Instruments for Vision can adapt and upgrade a slit lamp to digital imaging. Designed to take the place of oculars, the Oculess adapter does not use the camera built onto the tablet. Instead, it uses a medical grade camera inside the white box. The monitor is only used to view and capture the image. The eye can be seen with the latest Samsung Galaxy 10” Tab A.
“Unlike any slit lamp imaging system, the Oculess takes the place of the oculars,” explains Marc Gilels, owner of Instruments for Vision. “We do not capture with the camera on the tablet. There is a 3K board camera inside the black box. There is no need for beam splitters, no wires and easy capture. What you see is what you get.”
Close Up: To capture the photo as you see it, just tap on the screen. You can leave your glasses on as you observe the actual image on the tablet. Your refractive error and astigmatism is no longer a problem. You also do not need to focus your eyepieces. It takes less than 10 seconds to remove the oculars and screw the camera dovetail in its place.
Using the Galaxy tablet makes the entire system wireless, eliminating dragging and tripping on a tangle of wires. The tablet can capture photos and video. There are over 10 options to transfer images wirelessly to a shared folder on a database or PC. The system is portable, so it can be moved from room to room.
Vital Stats: The system comes with a 10" Android or Windows 10 tablet. It fits most slit lamps that have the turret magnification instead of the two-position lever.
Introductory price $2,450 complete. Made in the U.S.
Click here to watch a video about the Oculess.
www.eyeimg.com/slit-lamp/; (800) 323-4392; (315) 885-6141