Updated Tally: #NationalSunglassesDay Garners 836 Million Impressions with Help from Optical Industry


ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Final and updated results from National Sunglasses Day 2017 are in and The Vision Council reported yesterday that the fourth annual campaign to promote the importance of sunwear, garnered more than 836 million online, broadcast, social media and print consumer impressions.

As VMail previously reported, The Vision Council solicited the help of Marie Claire Magazine’s senior fashion editor and “E! News” fashion correspondent, Zanna Roberts Rassi, and executed a series of broadcast interviews. National Sunglasses Day also garnered 55 online placements, seven national TV placements as well as 479 local TV and radio placements, 89 social media placements via other celebrities and influencers, among other coverage.

The Vision Council’s member organizations helped spread the message. Kenmark Eyewear facilitated a sunglass giveaway; Essilor USA secured a broadcast segment on “Fox Good Day” in Dallas, Texas; Safilo Group secured an on-air National Sunglasses Day mention on CBS 3 Philadelphia during a summer sunglasses segment; Optic Nerve promoted the date on its website while offering sales incentives to its customers and Costa Sunglasses offered free shipping to all customers on June 27.

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