Christian Siriano

PINELLAS PARK, Fla.—Transitions Optical has named fashion designer Christian Siriano as ambassador for its new brand campaign, Light Under Control. The move comes as the brand aims to modernize itself, focusing more on style and fashion, and addressing consumers’ desires to personalize their eyewear, Transitions Optical said in a statement. Announced earlier this year, Light Under Control was launched to attract new, young single-vision wearers to the photochromic lens category “by showcasing the relevant benefits of Transitions lenses in today’s fast-paced world,” Transitions Optical said. VMAIL reported about the company’s rebranding strategy in February, 2018.

“The bold, new look we’ve established through our Light Under Control campaign is perfectly complemented by our partnership with Christian Siriano,” said Patience Cook, director, North America marketing, Transitions Optical. “As a fashion designer, Siriano is known for his show-stopping designs that not only allow people to feel stylish, but also help them feel comfortable wearing them. The Transitions brand benefits echo Siriano’s desires, making him the ideal spokesperson as we reposition our products.”

To make the brand more relatable to style-savvy consumers, Siriano, a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, will challenge people to use Transitions lenses to style their everyday eyewear in a manner that reflects their personal look. With a collection of colorful, smart lenses that automatically adapt in the sun, Transitions lenses offer a customizable accessory for consumers looking to flaunt their personal flair.

“I’m excited to partner with Transitions to help inspire fashion-forward eyeglass wearers to further customize their look with lens color,” said Siriano. “I believe getting dressed everyday should be a fun experience, so why should your eyewear be any different? I love that Transitions lenses give wearers an opportunity to have it all—you get freedom of expression and comfortable vision day and night in a single, stylish lens.”

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