Silmo Organizers Reaffirm the Commitment to Supporting the Industry at its Oct. 2-5, 2020 Edition

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PARIS—#FUTURISSILMO is the commitment for the upcoming Silmo Paris show, according to organizers, who are reaffirming their commitment to "protection and enhancement of the optical industry" at its upcoming exhibition to be held at the Paris Nord Villapinte center on Oct. 2-5, 2020. Amélie Morel, chairman of Silmo Paris, stated, “Although the unprecedented period that we have been experiencing for several months has been causing upheavals in our personal and professional lives, Silmo Paris continues to work on a daily basis to protect and enhance the industry. The calendar of great events has been disrupted overall, but we are keeping a close eye on the encouraging evolution of the situation, and we are prepared for any possible scenario with one central objective: to protect the interests of our communities."

Morel noted that 700 companies have already confirmed their registration, for an exhibitor attendance rate of 80 percent. "Resolutely positive and enthusiastic, our team is ‘all hands on deck’ to prepare the next edition of the trade fair, eagerly attended by the entire profession."

She added, "Since the lifting of lockdown has been unfolding smoothly throughout Europe, we are very optimistic, and are more determined than ever to propose a forward-looking 2020 edition rich in innovative content and friendly, inspiring encounters.”

A statement read, "When the theme for the 2020 edition—#FUTURISSILMO—was first conceived, it was impossible to foresee that the current crisis would bring even more meaning to the subject. Now, it is as essential as ever to accompany the optical and eyewear industry to ensure that it recovers its activities, and that it does so in a lasting way. In this unprecedented context, the 2020 edition is being driven forward by a precise ambition: to invite the profession to picture itself in the future, boosting Silmo Next and the Silmo Family to help opticians better understand and prepare for what is to come."

Silmo Next 2020 will be organized into five spaces "that project us into a techno-responsible future, emphasizing the twofold transformation underway in our sector: the increasing importance of technology for both eyewear brands and opticians, and the growing awareness of the need to act more responsibly on a daily basis. Organizers' descriptions include these:

• Space #1 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The essential CSR discussions that that began at Silmo 2019 will be sustained by the results of a survey conducted with optical professionals, as well as their testimonials and shared experiences. This content will form the basis of a collective consideration and a co-construction of the CSR approach for the entire industry.

• Space # 2 Futurology
Eco-design, new materials, circular economy, connected products, and more: the Futurology space will examine the theme of techno-responsibility through the filter of the future, predicting the innovations that will gradually shape tomorrow’s optical and eyewear industry.

• Space #3 Trends Forum
In keeping with its DNA, the Trends Forum will highlight the trends and new developments of 2020 that will determine the immediate future. It will also showcase the ways in which the industry has already begun to take action for a more committed long-term future, using design to further our environment and our society.

• Space #4 SILMO d’Or
Once again this year, the Silmo d’Or will reward creativity and innovation, key factors for a successful future in our profession.This is a new opportunity to highlight the dynamic ideas brought forth by talented professionals.

• Space # 5 Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF)
Representatives of the innovative dynamic of the optical field in their own right, the “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” are making their début at Silmo Next. The heirs to a unique legacy and expertise, they are well qualified to provide opticians with the keys of their future development. Now more than ever, a return to craftsmanship, local sourcing and authenticity are relevant ways to address the new consumer behaviours and challenges to come.

Éric Lenoir, director of Silmo Paris, added, “The protection of exhibitors, visitors and all our teams is central to us: we are considering all the possibilities and are ready to assume 100 percent responsibility for any risks. But most of all, we wish to reassure optical and eyewear professionals that we are making every effort—as we do every year—to prepare a trade fair at the cutting edge of innovation and inspiration to lead the community through the developments underway in the industry and in the business. After nine months deprived of professional encounters, without seeing each other ‘in real life,’ we will be even more thrilled to see you again (safely, of course!) to celebrate the creativity, conviviality and expertise of our entire field."