Luxottica Contains Breach on its TAB Scheduling Application

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NEW YORK—A recent data breach impacting Luxottica's TAB scheduling application was discovered by the company and has been contained, VMAIL has learned. According to a Luxottica spokesperson, "Luxottica takes the security of personal information very seriously and we have invested heavily in IT security in recent years to reflect that. Unfortunately, there has been a rampant spread of security breaches among companies like ours and we were not immune to it. "Luxottica recently discovered that an unauthorized actor gained access to its “TAB” patient scheduling application. We immediately contained it, notified law enforcement and launched an investigation. While we found no evidence of any misuse of personal information or harm to patients as a result of the incident, we notified patients whose information stored within the app may have been accessed, in accordance with HIPAA and other applicable laws. We are also providing two years of free credit monitoring to impacted patients upon request. Luxottica has taken extensive measures to enhance our security controls and prevent this type of incident from recurring."

The spokesperson added, "The incident did not compromise any of our other systems and was confined to TAB. Luxottica has fully remediated the incident. Our TAB scheduling application is safe for doctors and patients to use to schedule their future eyecare appointments online."