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NEEDHAM, Mass.—BostonSight, a nonprofit eye health care organization and research center dedicated to saving sight and improving quality of life, announced their HOA Collaborator Program, a partnership with eyecare professionals to offer SmartSight higher order aberration (HOA) correction technology in specialty lenses. BostonSight has been actively treating patients with HOA technology for more than 20 years, starting with front surface eccentricity features in their lenses and moving forward to full wavefront correction. The organization said it is expanding access to this innovative technology to help additional patients who could benefit.

HOAs are imperfections in the ocular visual system that result in visually significant distortions, such as glare, halos, blurring, starburst patterns, double vision or difficulty seeing at night. Typical contact lenses or glasses are ineffective at correcting these aberrations. However BostonSight Prose devices and BostonSight Scleral lenses with the addition of SmartSight HOA correcting technology have shown promising results, according to BostonSight.

“We are excited to collaborate with our BostonSight Prose and BostonSight Scleral networks to further enhance the HOA technology that BostonSight has offered for years,” said Dr. Daniel Brocks, BostonSight’s chief medical officer. “Our partners and colleagues are experts in patient care and have vast knowledge about patients’ vision challenges. Through collaboration and our open-aberrometer platform, together we can increase understanding and accessibility to HOA correction, helping more people see clearly.”

Sara Yost, BostonSight President and CEO, commented, “BostonSight advances specialty lens technology through our academic medical center model, leveraging 30 years of scleral lens design and training, an on-site patient clinic, and an active research center,” said Sara Yost, BostonSight president and CEO.

“This model allows BostonSight to continually learn from patient and practitioner feedback, identify needs, and develop technologies and treatments that lead to better patient care and outcomes. By joining the HOA Collaborator Program, practitioners can help push the industry forward,” Yost said.

BostonSight Prose and Scleral network partners, or other optometrists or ophthalmologists who have access to an aberrometer and are interested in joining the HOA Collaborator Program may inquire here. At this time, there is no additional charge to practitioners to utilize SmartSight HOA technology with any BostonSight lens order, the company said. To join the BostonSight Scleral Partner Network at no cost, click here.