BIRMINGHAM, U.K.—Aston EyeTech, a U.K.-based developer and manufacturer of ophthalmic measurement technology, is launching Eyoto, a new brand centered around its upcoming next generation eye diagnostic and measurement solutions. The company’s new lens inspection technology, which features the company’s device engineering expertise with advanced intelligent software systems, will be showcased at Vision Expo in March. Aston EyeTech recently completed a $6.7 million Series A investment round. Its Eyoto product portfolio, which will be launched progressively throughout 2018, includes a range of power mapping lensmeters and lens surface inspection tools, binocular autorefractors, and the company’s cloud connected mobile diagnostic platform, which integrates portable hardware, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven diagnostic systems and large-scale data analytics.

“All aspects of the optical market—design, retail, manufacturing and logistics—are undergoing massive change, and there is a strong and growing demand for tools to support and capitalize on that change,” said Carl D. Francis, Aston EyeTech’s CEO. “Our products take a unique and fresh approach to the field of optometric instrumentation, and the Eyoto brand is underpinned by that freshness.”

Aston EyeTech is a 2013 spin-off from Aston University's School of Optometry, a leader in optometry research and professional training. The company was founded and continues to build on both the biomedical engineering work of Tom Drew, PhD, now CTO of Aston EyeTech, and a proprietary, AI-based ophthalmic diagnosis support platform. The company is developing a range of hardware and software products that specifically incorporate recent advances in artificial intelligence, low cost/high performance optics and mobile processing power.

E. Dean Butler, founder of LensCrafters and Vision Express in Europe, is a non-executive director on the board of Aston EyeTech.