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OneSight Launches Free Online Vision Check Tool That Enables Parents to Check Children’s Vision During Stay-at-Home Period


CINCINNATI—OneSight, a leading global vision care nonprofit organization, is launching a free online vision check tool. The tool is designed especially for parents to use with their children, that will determine whether refractive errors exist, as well as assess color vision. With this tool, OneSight aims to provide a helpful resource to parents and raise awareness of the importance of vision care. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), one in four children has an undiagnosed vision problem, yet eye exams are not a regular part of their health care. Because studies show that 80 percent of learning is visual, OneSight believes all children should have access to vision care.

“As more children and families are required to stay at home longer and adapt to new learning environments, we realized that we can provide an important service that will benefit children long after this extraordinary period in time,” OneSight president and executive director K-T Overbey said. “We believe that vision care is an essential determinant of health and human potential and the ability to see clearly impacts all facets of life, everything from education to work productivity.”

OneSight’s Online Vision Check can be taken in minutes on a desktop, laptop or tablet. Users will go through a simple set of prompts to get a vision check on both eyes to assess vision accuracy and color vision evaluation.

The easy-to-use screening tool can be accessed here.

OneSight is a leading global nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a world where lack of access to vision care is no longer a barrier to human achievement and potential. From one-week charitable clinics, serving those with acute need, to long-term self-sustaining vision

centers, OneSight delivers quality eye exams and glasses to underserved populations throughout the United States and communities around the world. Over the past 30 years, the organization has served 10 million patients in more than 50 countries.