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No Mask, No Service: Indies Get Creative With Mask Required Signage

For ECPs around the country, heading back into the office means spending a lot of time thinking about masks. From wearing your own mask to making sure your staff and patients are covered as well, thinking and talking about face masks has become a part of our daily routines. Most practices require that both staff and patients wear masks at all times—and many are making this requirement abundantly clear through signage and social media posts. 

Although reminding your patients to wear a mask can be a sort of bleak reminder of the times we’re living in, it can also be fun and creative, if you want. Many ECPs and small business owners in other communities are sharing their signage online—sharing great, replicable ways to remind everyone that masks are important for keeping us all safe and healthy.

Dove Canyon Optometry, located in Trabuco Canyon, California, shared the clear, direct, and beautiful signage outside their practice. Image via Dove Canyon Optometry on Instagram.

Myoptic Optometry, in Portland, shared a story about a patient who refused to wear a mask, as well as the signage they use to remind patients that masks are required. Image via Myoptic Optometry on Instagram.

Oakland, California-based Oakland Vision Center shared their mask reminder online with a beautiful, simple, and clear graphic. Image via Oakland Vision Center on Instagram.

The optical community isn’t the only one requiring masks—this Starbucks location in Danville, California, incorporated their “mask required” signage into their famous logo. Image via Rose Garden Starbucks on Instagram.

Malaprop's Café, located in Asheville, North Carolina, had a little pop culture fun with their street sign. Image via Malaprop’s Café on Instagram.

Plus, plenty of artisans around the country are making signage and selling it online via websites like Etsy—a perfect way to support small businesses and keep safe. Image via Patrick of All Trades on Instagram.