DALLAS—Optical retailer Eyemart Express is launching a proprietary leadership academy and new programs to help fund optical education and certifications for its more than 2,200 associates throughout the country. “The optical industry is full of individuals who are driven by the purpose to help other people, and our new programs cultivate their ambitions to the fullest extent,” said Gianna Venturi, chief people officer at Eyemart Express. “Our goal is to improve people’s lives by helping them see clearly in the communities that we serve. That is why we are making it easier for our associates and those who are discovering a career in optical to learn and grow with our extensive resources and support that will help set them up for their long-term success.”

Recognizing that education and extensive training are the foundations for a career in the optical industry, Eyemart Express is helping its associates by removing barriers that may have previously prevented continuing education efforts or a career switch to the optical field. Toward that end, the retailer is funding education expenses and offering new proprietary programs for associates’ career development and advancement. These programs include:

  • Licensed Optician Program: Currently, 22 states require a license for opticians. The process can take several years and be costly for applicants. This Eyemart Express program offers four tracks that provide training, support, and any tools needed to achieve and maintain a licensed status.
  • Manager Program: Developed for store managers, this program provides leadership development and support that empower participants to successfully lead and oversee their teams.
  • Leadership Academy: The prestigious and intensive six-month program is exclusive to Eyemart Express associates and serves to elevate management skills and prepare participants as they seek future leadership roles in the company. Through the academy’s two distinct tracks, associates accepted in this program have opportunities for experiential career development and mentor guidance. They can also experience having a direct impact on business projects that address real-time needs or challenges in the stores.
The feedback from associates has been overwhelmingly positive since the program launched earlier this year, according to Eyemart Express.
The company also supports by offering competitive pay and benefits. Employee perks include generous 401(k) match, paid time off with additional bonus days, access to telehealth services, and interest free or discounted purchasing programs.
“A happy and fulfilled team leads to positive customer interactions and better service,” says Venturi. “It is a win-win for everyone.”
Job creation is also central to Eyemart Express’ strategy. In addition to the more than 100 jobs the company will add by the end of this year, it plans to create upwards of 300 jobs in 2022. Positions at Eyemart Express range from full- and part-time sales associates to lab technicians and licensed opticians. Interested individuals can apply here for open positions at Eyemart Express stores across the country or by visiting the Eyemart Express LinkedIn page.