Treehouse Eyes, Dedicated to Myopia Management, Opens Eight New Locations


BOULDER, Colo.—Treehouse Eyes, the country’s first and only company dedicated exclusively to myopia management, has announced the opening of eight new centers. In collaboration with select practices, Treehouse Eyes is bringing their proprietary and proven brand of myopia management directly into select primary care practices across the country. Dr. Gary Gerber, co-founder of Treehouse Eyes said, “We opened our first two flagship centers about three years ago. During that time we validated and optimized our Treehouse Vision System (our patent pending clinical protocol) as well as our unique business model and are now starting our national expansion.

"By partnering with carefully vetted practices that meet certain pre-determined requirements, we will rapidly accelerate myopia management within those practices and will continue our growth across the country and are currently lining up partners outside the U.S.There are millions of kids who need exemplary myopia management care and Treehouse Eyes is uniquely qualified to deliver it.”

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Treehouse Eyes co-founder Dr. Gary Gerber with Dr. Selena Chan, Pacific Rims Optometry.

Matt Oerding, Treehouse Eyes co-founding partner, added, "As the first company to go down this path, supported by our team of rock star clinical and business advisors, Treehouse Eyes is now the most highly respected and trusted myopia management brand in the industry. Based on all we’ve learned since first launching and all the buzz around myopia, now is the right time for our expansion and the level of interest from those wanting to partner with us has been incredibly gratifying.”

(L to R) Dr. Gary Gerber with Dr. Valerie Lam, Dr. Thanh Mai, Dr. Michelle Kirk and Dr. Alvin Arellano.

Dr. Thanh Mai, of Insight Vision Center Optometry in Costa Mesa, Calif. said, “We thought we were already doing well with myopia management in our practice. Our partnership with Treehouse Eyes quickly changed that view as we are quickly seeing significant benefits, both clinically and financially that will allow us to be THE trophy myopia practice in our area."

“Having done myopia management for a long time, I thought I had it pretty well figured out. The Treehouse Eyes partnership has genuinely recalibrated how I think about this important specialty in my practice and we’re already seeing major benefits,” stated Dr. Alvin Arellano from Focal Point Optometry in Fullerton, Calif.

The latest practices to join the growing Treehouse Eyes network are:

:•Insight Vision Center Optometry, Drs. Thanh Mai and Valerie Lam –Costa Mesa, Calif.
•Focal Point Optometry, Drs. Alvin Arellano and Michelle Kirk –Fullerton, Calif.
•Pacific Rims Optometry, Dr. Selena Chan –San Francisco, Calif.
•Visionary Eye Care, Drs. Jennifer Brady-Cook and Michael Cook –Tampa, Fla.
•Warm Springs Optometric Group, Drs. Michael Fauria and Susan Pirrone –Fremont, Calif.
•Neuro-Vision Associates of North Texas, Dr. Charles Shidlofsky –Plano, Texas
•Premier Vision, Dr. John Todd Cornett –Amarillo,Texas
•Birmingham Vision Care, Drs. Harriet C. Pelton andPatricia Poma-Nowinski, Bloomfield Township, Mich.

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