DALLAS, Texas—The Essilor Vision Foundation introduces Khloe, a first grader who also happens to be the recipient of the one-millionth pair of glasses provided by Essilor Vision Foundation since 2007. Alongside being one of the 10 million children in the United States who needs vision care, Khloe loves unicorns, dancing, and shopping with her mom. She also loves reading with her tablet, but was having vision trouble and began struggling in school—until she got the glasses she needed.

Khloe said, “Before I got glasses it was hard to see the board. When I got glasses it was easy to see. Now I can see my mom, the board and my brother.” Khloe’s mom, Santana, said, “With the glasses, she pays more attention. Before, she didn’t want to read and she wouldn’t do her homework.”

The Essilor Vision Foundation will provide Khloe with free glasses up until she’s 18. The Foundation is also celebrating their millionth-pair milestone by introducing the year-long “One Million Magic Moments” campaign, which celebrates the magic experienced by children when they put on glasses and can see the world clearly.

In addition, the campaign aims to educate parents and advocates about the importance of children’s eye health and encourages them to help children with vision impairments. Becky Palm, president and executive director of Essilor Vision Foundation said, “Many people cannot imagine living in a world where everything is blurred, and may be surprised to learn that one in four children in the U.S. has a vision problem that’s significant enough to affect their ability to learn. Vision issues not only impact the success of children in school, they also affect their ability to function in life. The good news is 80 percent of all vision impairment can be prevented or cured, often with a pair of eyeglasses.”

Every dollar donated as part of the “One Million Magic Moments” campaign helps a child experience his or her own magic moments with clear vision. For every $50 donated, Essilor Vision Foundation can provide a vision exam and a pair of glasses to a child in need at no cost to their family. To learn more, visit www.evfusa.org/OneMillion.