REMINDER: Take Part in National Sunglasses Day June 27!


ALEXANDRIA, Va.—The Vision Council is encouraging ECPs and optical retailers to help promote the importance of wearing UV-protective sunwear as a part of National Sunglasses Day, held annually on June 27.

Raising awareness can be as easy as sharing information on social media about National Sunglasses Day and encouraging followers on those platforms to share too. As a fun way to show support, individuals can post photos of themselves wearing sunglasses leading up to and on June 27 using the official hashtags #NationalSunglassesDay and #SunglassSelfie. For companies who have an existing partnership with a celebrity, blogger or influencer, The Vision Council suggests utilizing those relationships as well.

Additionally, planning a National Sunglasses Day event is another way to get the community involved in the movement.

The Vision Council has a range of materials such as UV reports, infographics, sample social media posts and the official National Sunglasses Day logo that are available to those looking to get involved. Examples and more details are posted at