National Think About Your Eyes Campaign Kicks Off Fourth Year


ALEXANDRIA, Va.—The national Think About Your Eyes campaign has built upon its increased industry support and consumer interest to reach a new milestone of 2.5 million visitors to the campaign website since its launch. The number of visitors to the site is expected to reach 3 million by years’ end, according to an announcement from the organization.

Think About Your Eyes, now in its fourth year, will kick off its next round of advertising this week. Ads will focus on two messages: the importance of kids’ vision and how that can impact learning, and the importance of an eye exam in the early detection of eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts.

The media will incorporate a strong mix of national cable TV, radio and online advertising. It is expected the campaign will generate more than 1.258 billion impressions in 2016, with Q3 media generating 650 million advertising impressions on more than 25 cable networks, 10,000 radio stations and 2,000+ websites.

“With the back-to-school season beginning, we want to remind the public of the important role eye health plays in a child’s ability to learn,” said Jon Torrey, Think About Your Eyes director of Professional Relations. “In addition, future vision health is reliant on taking care of vision today, which is why it’s important to highlight the issues people can face later in life if they don’t prioritize their vision health at an earlier age.”

Last month, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care became the latest industry leader to join the Think About Your Eyes campaign. With this new addition, the campaign continues its industry expansion, which now includes 19 partner organizations.

For general campaign inquiries, or for industry members interested in becoming official Think About Your Eyes partners, contact Jon Torrey,

Current Think About Your Eyes partners include Alcon, The Vision Council, American Optometric Association, All About Vision, Gunnar Optiks, Jobson Optical Group, National Vision, Inc. (NVI), SpecialEyes, SPY, Hilco, Walman, Transitions, Shamir, Chemistrie Eyewear, Essilor, Luxottica Group, Eschenbach and WestGroupe.