Product: POG Labs Website Development Service for Eyecare Practices
Top Line: POG Labs, a full-service prescription wholesale laboratory, has recently built a team of experienced website developers and online optical experts to produce ecommerce websites that are tailor-made for eyecare practices. These websites are designed specifically for ECPs to expand their reach to their patients and their communities. By establishing or enhancing their online presence, eyecare practices can generate additional sales, attract new customers and connecting with patients in new ways.
"This program provides the exact solution that both ECP's and online retailers have been lacking for years,” said Alex Tamerius, P.O.G. Labs’ sales and marketing specialist. “ECP's have always struggled to combat the ease of online sales. Now, you can provide patients not only the comfort of ordering their eyewear from home but the expertise that comes with purchasing from an ECP, which online retail desperately lacks. Imagine never having a customer walk out the door with only an Rx again. With our new website design service, ECPs never have to lose a customer to online retail again.”
Close Up:
• P.O.G. Labs’ ECP ecommerce websites are completely customizable and include company logos, color scheme, fonts, product price, product availability, promotions and other options.
• The site comes prebuilt with a selection of frames, lenses, AR treatments, pretreatments, and added sales products such as cases. This provides busy practices with a product selection without needing to create a selection of their own.
• Orders are entered by the patient and automatically transmitted to the lab. The lab will process and then ship either directly to the patient or to the ECP based upon patient and office preference.
• Payments are completed online and are automatically forwarded to the ECP. Payments are also verified and confirmed before orders are transmitted to the lab for processing. 
• POG will manage updates to the backend of the site and provide hosting services.
• Creating a custom website can be extremely expensive. With this program, POG has cut the price down to a tenth of what major website developers charge. 
• Custom ecommerce websites can take up to six to eight months to create and have fully functioning. POG's development program can have a complete website to an ECP within two weeks.
Vital Stats: POG has nearly a decade of experience in the online retail space.;; (800) 497-9239, x135