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Solutionreach Launches App for Digital Patient Check-In


Top Line: Solutionreach is releasing PatientReach, a digital application designed to improve the patient check-in process. Healthcare practices can download PatientReach onto an iPad, transforming it into an automated system for gathering patient information. The iPads are distributed to incoming patients, who then begin a simplified check-in process.
Close Up: Beyond providing a more enjoyable experience for the patient, PatientReach has other significant benefits for the practice:
  • PatientReach boosts practice efficiency by allowing the patient to update insurance information, read and sign legal forms, submit patient reviews and much more right from the doctor’s waiting room. The digital intake provides legible documentation, ensuring accuracy and data validity. The paperless PatientReach method eliminates the need for printing, scanning and shredding documents previously distributed on a clipboard.
  • PatientReach also lets patients sign up for the online patient portal, where they can pay bills, schedule appointments, send or receive secure messages, and change their correspondence preferences at any time.
  • Additionally, patients can select from a customized group of healthcare articles that are then emailed to the patient to read at their convenience. The articles engage patients with point-of-care education and encourage them to take a more active role in their health care.
“PatientReach streamlines the whole check-in process,” said Jim Higgins, Solutionreach CEO. “It improves patient engagement by helping practices stay centered on their patient’s entire experience from the moment they walk in for their appointment.”
Vital Stats: PatientReach is available for download in the Apple App store and is designed to work on iPad 2 and above as well as the iPad Mini.