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Modernizing Medicine’s EMR Adds Eyemaginations 3D Animation


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Top Line:
Modernizing Medicine, Inc., the creator of the Electronic Medical Assistant, a cloud-based, specialty-specific electronic medical record system, has partnered with Eyemaginations, Inc. to advance the doctor-patient dialogue with intuitive, interactive software for patient education and practice development.
Close Up: The 3D animated videos in Eyemaginations Echo system enhance EMA Ophthalmology to explain diagnoses and treatments to patients in a clear and effective manner, while helping to optimize office visits and practice efficiency. EMA Ophthalmology can be accessed through a native iPad application or any computer with Internet capabilities and is pre-coded with medical knowledge. Built with an adaptive learning engine that remembers individual physician preferences, EMA Ophthalmology enables physicians to complete documentation in real time.
Vital Stats: Echo will plug directly into EMA Ophthalmology, using the diagnosis code (ICD-9 or CPT) from the patient encounter to automatically queue up relevant content for that patient. Echo features short, informative visual presentations for chair-side explanation. Doctors can draw on the screen to highlight important elements of the anatomy and to reinforce their message., (561) 880-2998;, (877) 321-5481