AIT Industries Debuts WECO C.6 Automatic Blocker

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Product: WECO C.6 Automatic Blocker
Top Line: The new WECO C.6 Automatic Blocker, distributed by AIT Industries, handles complete job preparation from shape scanning, progressive lens analysis, centration, and blocking with rapid speed and precision.
Close Up: The WECO C.6 features a new optical tracing system that includes Gravitech technology. This new technology takes into account the gravity point of every lens to accurately reproduce the shape of a demo lens in under four seconds. Combined with Smart Design 2.0, there are no limits to creativity when designing rimless eyewear. The wavefront-based lens inspection system is a first for retail lens finishing, allowing the user to see actual progressive lens layouts and designs prior to edging. The C.6 features the ability to measure all types of multifocal lenses including those with prism with ease. It saves time and money by including lensometry into the blocking process.
Vital Stats:
• Wavefront power-mapping and lensometery
• Smart Design shape tracing and modification with Bezier Curves
• Elimination of lensmeter means one less step in the lens preparation process
• Camera assisted blocking
• Automatic blocking
• Automatic drill point recognition
• Manual adjustment of drill points
• Easily add or remove holes or slots
• Modify hole diameter
• Ability to add blind holes
• Positioning accuracy within .05mm
• Automatic recognition of progressive markings
• Non-contact camera tracing of demo lenses and patterns
• Shape modification: both vertical and horizontal boxing can be modified by the operator
• Color touchscreen LCD
• User-friendly, touch based interface
• Self-diagnosis, automatic calibration
• Compliant with the VCA/OMA Communication Standard; (800) 729-1959

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US Ophthalmic Intros Ezer Autorefractor/Keratometer ERK-9000

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Product: ERK-9000 Ezer autorefractor-keratometer
Top Line: The ERK-9000, made by Ezer and distributed by US Ophthalmic, integrates seamlessly with the entire Ezer Digital Practice line, making it possible to perform a full digital vision exam, from pretest to Rx. Connectivity features including built-in Bluetooth facilitate remote connection. The unit is designed for accuracy and reliability.
Close Up: The ERK-9000 reads refraction, keratometry, contact lens base curvature, pupilar size, illumination, and has an IOL mode. The unit works with the Ezer digital refractor EDR-9000 either through wires or Bluetooth, auto lens meter ELM-9000 and US Ophthalmic’s visual acuity panel, making the examination process more user-friendly. Users can assign the patient's name to the study, which helps the efficiency of the diagnostic.
• Auto refractor/keratometer
• Auto-shoot programming
• IOL mode
• Wide dioptric measurement range
• Illumination mode
• Easy network capability
• Accurate iris and pupil measurement
• Simple and convenient user environment
• Ergonomic Joystick
• Motorized Chin Rest
• High-Speed Printer
• Auto Paper Cut
• Seven-inch tilting touch screen
Vital Stats: Free shipping, 30-days money back guarantee; (888) 334-4640

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drchrono Offers Patient Insurance Card and Credit Card Capture in iPad, iPhone App and Web

Product: drchrono iPad EHR, drchrono iPad patient check-in app and web portal
Top Line: drchrono, an Electronic Health Record (EHR) and practice management platform on the iPad, iPhone and web, is releasing a new version of the platform that now allows for electronic photo capture and storage of patient insurance cards and credit cards right from iPad, iPhone or Web.
Close Up: The drchrono iPad EHR, drchrono iPad patient check-in app and web portal allow a physician to take a photo of a paper insurance card and move it directly into the drchrono platform. In addition, a patient can complete the same process right from the personal health record iPhone app, onpatient and send this information to their physician.
drchrono provides fully integrated electronic photo capture and storage of insurance cards, allowing patients to get rid of paper cards and have all of their vital identity information stored in one place. For doctors this is a major step forward for collecting payments faster, as the number one source of rejected claims is not having the right insurance information from the patient.
Vital Stats:
• 39.2 percent of patient accounts receivable (AR) is due to missing credit card
• 55.8 percent of rejected claims are due to bad patient insurance info
(Based on the study data sample set of 10,000 medical claims that passed through the drchrono platform for 2015); (844) 569-8628

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