Topcon Intros High Definition Video Teaching System for PASCAL Lasers

Product: HD Video Teaching System for PASCAL Lasers
Top Line: Topcon Medical Systems is introducing a high definition video teaching system for PASCAL Lasers. The system is comprised of a HD video camera, camera control unit, power supply and interface cable.
Close Up: The camera is mounted on a combination TV relay lens-beam splitter and can be easily attached to all models of slit lamps used in PASCAL Lasers. The video is displayed on a 10.1 inch 60Hz Edge-lit LED backlight HD color monitor (1280x800 resolution), and can also be displayed on optional larger monitors connected to the camera control unit (CCU). An optional Medical Grade Memory Card Portable Video Recorder allows for the recording of the videos displayed on the monitor for teaching and instructional purposes.
Vital Stats: The HD VTS System supports Topcon PASCAL Synthesis (532nm/577nm) and Streamline (532nm/577nm) Laser Systems.
www.topconmedical.com; (201) 599-5100

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Rochester Optical Partners With Recon Instruments To Offer Prescription Inserts For Recon Jet

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Product: Rx Insert for Recon Jet
Top Line: Rochester Optical has partnered with Recon Instruments to launch an Rx insert for Recon Jet smart glasses. Jet is not designed to fit over other eyewear, which presents a challenge for the users who normally wear prescription glasses. Rochester Optical’s prescription insert allows those users to take full advantage of Recon Jet smart eyewear for the first time.
Close Up: “We understand the training and performance benefits Recon Jet offers, and want to make sure everyone has equal access to its features. The insert we designed allows users who normally wear prescription glasses to fully utilize Recon Jet,” said Patrick Ho, CEO of Rochester Optical, which has also designed and produced lens designs, frames and accessories for Epson Moverio BT-200, Vuzix M100, Sony SmartEyeglass and Google Glass.
“We worked closely with Rochester Optical on these inserts,” said Ben McConnell, product manager at Recon Instruments. “From the outset, we sought to preserve Recon Jet’s comfort and adjustability while ensuring compatibility with all of Recon Jet’s accessory lenses. Rochester Optical has allowed us to deliver on all fronts, and we couldn't be more pleased with the result.”
Combining true sports eyewear with a high-contrast display positioned just below the wearer’s right eye, Recon Jet enables cyclists and runners to train smarter by accessing a full suite of fitness metrics without altering their posture or taking their eyes off the road. Jet also features a built-in GPS, a point-of-view camera, Android-based software, and a fully modular design with a swappable battery and interchangeable lenses.
Rochester Optical’s prescription insert features a minimalistic design and a user-friendly mounting mechanism to best complement Recon Jet’s modular design. Users can already swap in optional accessory lenses and spare batteries on the go, and Rochester Optical’s insert follows in the same vein: simply clip the insert into the device to experience premium visual acuity and comfort.
Vital Stats: The prescription Smart GOLD lenses Rochester Optical developed for Recon Jet are highly specialized, and offer more than standard Rx lenses. The lenses minimize eyestrain and eye fatigue, allowing smart glasses to be comfortably worn for extended periods of time. By creating an additional, optimized optical center where the display is viewed and compensating to balance binocular vision, Smart GOLD eliminates prismatic effect and off axis aberrations, providing continuous, comfortable visual acuity.
www.rochesteroptical.com; (844) 659-4722

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M.S. Group Software Launches Integration With Frames Data IDA

Product: Integration of M.S. Group Software with Frames Data IDA
Top Line: The M.S. Group Software, developers of The Visual Management System (VMS) practice management software, has completion its integration with Frames Data IDA. New inventory management features will be added to the software that will make inventory processes easier and more efficient for VMS users.
“This integration makes it much easier for eyecare professionals using VMS to effectively manage their inventory and keep it up-to-date,” noted Tom Doyle, director of marketing and key accounts for Frames Data.
Close Up: Frames Data IDA (Immediate Data Access) enables frame information to be accessed within VMS’ platform via the internet from Frames Data’s webservice. Detailed frame information, including UPC codes, sizes, colors, and the latest pricing are readily available when VMS is connected to an active Frames Data IDA subscription. The data can then be used to set retail pricing, as well as populate orders, lab jobs and managed care claims processed by the software.
“We update our database every day,” said Doyle. “What’s really exciting about these new integrations is that opticians and staff can get those changes almost as soon as they’ve been made, and at the touch of a button. They aren’t waiting around for an update file or CD. Plus they don’t have to hand-enter all that data, which is always laborious and often introduces costly errors.”
According to Kendal Kight, IT manager of M.S. Group Software, the new functionality will make it easy to keep frame details and pricing up to date. “We knew it was important that the frame wholesale prices and other details stay in sync with what Frames Data has published. We made it so that you can run a process that takes what you have in your inventory and find what’s changed in Frames Data. You have the option of printing the list so you can make changes to your physical frame inventory if needed. You can also then automatically update what you have in your electronic inventory, so you don’t have to do it manually.”
Vital Stats: VMS is a complete software system for handling all of the functions of an ophthalmology, optometry, or optician office. This practice management software is equipped with Inventory control, Dynamic Lens Pricing, retail reporting functions, extracting and recall functions to help run the optical retail side of a business with greater control and efficiency.
www.msgroupsoftware.com; www.framesdata.com; (800) 739-7555

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