OptoTech Offers Fully Automated Alloy Blocker

Product: OTB 80 CNC-A1
Top Line: The OptoTech auto blocker OTB 80 CNC-A1 is designed for professional fully automated alloy blocking. It allows uninterrupted blocking with no downtime.
Close Up: Blocking chucks and alloy can be easily refilled during operation. This all guarantees highest economy. It combines the advantage of fully automation with the operational safety of the OTB- blocking stations. The OTB 80 CNC-A1 is consequently designed for ultimate efficiency, high process consistency and simplified usability. The single blocking station will be loaded and unloaded by an independent linear handling and achieves a performance of up to 80 lenses per hour.
  • Blocking rings
  • Blocking chucks
  • Measurement devices
  • Different Alloy
  • Chiller
  • De-blocking rings of various diameter
  • De-blocking tank
Vital Stats: Light version available: Low cost version without video system (for single vision lenses only). The video system can’t be retrofitted.; (215) 679-2091; email:

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Nikon Intros iPad-based Optical Measurement System

Product: Capture-i iPad Fitting Unit
Top Line: Nikon Capture-i is an iPad-based optical measurement system.
Close Up: Featuring unique patented technology, Capture-i is a high-tech
advanced optical measurement unit that provides outstanding accuracy, yet is easy to use, according to Nikon. Designed exclusively for iPad 3 and 4, Capture-i can be used for Nikon’s entire range of lenses from single vision to the most advanced fully customized progressive lenses, including SeeMax Power.
Features and benefits include:
  • Simple & intuitive interface for capturing measurements.
  • Automatic focus and notification of image quality.
  • Uses an amber flash to simulate corneal reflection.
  • Optical magnification system for maximum accuracy.
  • High precision measurements with consistent repeatability.
  • Measures dominant eye.
  • Variable intensity flash to adjust for lighting conditions.
  • Produces high resolution images on an iPad 4.
  • Improved customer experience and increased productivity.
  • No internet connection required to capture quick, accurate measurements.
  • Patented Infinite Optic technology produces a virtual distant optical target to ensure the device captures reliable measurements.
  • An advanced jig design provides optimum accuracy.
  • A specially designed stand provides stability.
Vital Stats: Available on The App Store.

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First Insight and Kowa Optimed Announce a One Click Interface with MaximEyes EHR and Kowa DigiVersal Image Viewing Solution

Product: MaximEyes EHR, Kowa DigiVersal Image Viewing Solution Interface
Top Line: First Insight Corp., developers of MaximEyes Certified EHR and Practice Management Software, and Kowa Optimed, Inc., developer and manufacturer of ophthalmic diagnostic products, announced a one click interface between MaximEyes EHR and Kowa's DigiVersal Digital Image Viewing Solution.
Close Up: “We simply click the View Image History button within a MaximEyes EHR exam record to launch the Kowa DigiVersal software,” said Amy Sabelka, CPOT with Oneota Valley Family Eye Care. “It’s easy to create a new patient or open an existing patient’s images, documents, and videos that are associated with the patient. The MaximEyes-DigiVersal integration simplifies our workflow and reduces human error by making sure we are always viewing the correct images and documents for that patient.”
Kai Clarke, president of Kowa Optimed, said, “This integration strengthens our long-term relationship with First Insight and reflects our commitment to focusing on patient care, not paper care, says, “Kowa's DigiVersal software combines each patient’s images into their own files, making it easy to track changes over time. The Kowa DigiVersal software solution connects with multiple pieces of equipment to make it even more convenient for practices." Clarke pointed out, "Side-by-side comparison of images from different instruments saves time and increases accuracy. You can also drag and drop images to quickly generate reports and referral letters.”;

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UltraVision CLPL Offers KeraSoft IC Mobile and Web Fitting App

Product: KeraSoft IC Mobile and Web Fitting App    
Top Line: UltraVision CLPL’s new mobile and web fitting app makes eyecare practitioners’ lives easier and lenses can be prescribed faster. The fitting app for KeraSoft IC reduces chair time in assessing irregular cornea patients and acts as a data recording and transmission centre. The app guides practitioners step by step through the KeraSoft IC MoRoCCo VA process, helping improve patient care in practice. “In today’s world, using electronic and mobile technology is increasingly becoming a day-to-day requirement of managing health care,” said Kimberley Burns, Marketing Executive at UltraVision CLPL.
Close Up: The free app provides the ability for practitioners to store fitting data for both eyes in one session. Other benefits of the app include real time animations of lens behaviour, the ability to view fitting history for the patient in one glance, emailing lens orders, requesting support and much more.
Vital Stats: To download the MoRoCCo VA app go to

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