EnChroma Sunglasses Protect Low Vision Sufferers Without Blocking Colors

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Product: EnChroma Cx.UV450
Top Line: EnChroma is launching EnChroma Cx.UV450, an advanced protection sunglass that boosts color vision for those with sensitive eyes, low vision caused by cataracts and glaucoma and those exposed to extreme sunlight.
Close Up: The UV450 are the first sunglasses that provide “extreme” protection without blocking colors, according to EnChroma. The lenses feature an optical coating that increases the variety and vividness of colors.
“Unlike a conventional sunglass which simply reduces the transmission uniformly across the spectrum, the EnChroma lens is a 'smart sunglass' that selectively filters the light to achieve an unprecedented super color enhancing effect,” says Don McPherson, PhD, vice-president, products, at EnChroma. “The incredibly precise narrow-band lens filter design takes out only those specific shades most responsible for color confusion. By knocking down this interference the lens creates a much richer, more vivid color experience.”
EnChroma recommends Cx.UV450 glasses for those that work in aviation, marine and alpine environments, or low vision sufferers for whom ordinary sunglasses are just too dark. Features include:
  • A color-enhancing lens with comprehensive protection from solar ultra-violet (UV) and short wavelength blue light
  • Blocks 100 percent of solar radiation with wavelengths shorter than 450 nanometers
  • Scratch resistant
  • Available in two fashionable frame styles: Explorer and Gamma
Vital Stats: The EnChroma Cx.UV450 is available for $449.95 MSRP at EnChroma.com and at select optical retailers.

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SynergEyes Launches New Duette Patient Hotline

Product: Duette Patient Hotline
Top Line: SynergEyes, manufacturer and marketer of the Duette HD and Duette multifocal contact lenses, has launched a Duette Patient Hotline to answer patients’ questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Close Up: SynergEyes believes this program will ensure that patients have a positive lens wearing experience and successful outcomes.
“Our customers told us that they want prescribing Duette lenses to be easy,”
says Orlando Rodrigues, vice president of global marketing and sales. “We listened to their feedback and created the Duette Patient Hotline as a resource for achieving the highest success rate possible and delighting patients without requiring additional effort on the part of the practice.”
Vital Stats: The Duette Patient Hotline is staffed by certified contact lens fitters who are available around the clock. Patients may call the hotline with questions regarding lens insertion, lens removal, lens care, or any other lens-related topic. Their call will be answered immediately or returned within 30 minutes of a voicemail message. The patient’s eyecare professional will be notified of any patient contact via e-mail within 24 hours of the call.

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Guardian Launches Mobile App to Locate VSP and Davis Vision Providers

Top Line: Guardian members can now locate vision and dental providers with the new Guardian Anytime Mobile app for iPhone and Android, launched by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, one of the nation’s largest mutual life insurers and a leading provider of employee benefits.
Close Up: Members can locate vision providers from both VSP and Davis Vision, and they can search from anywhere in the country by name and location for contact information, interactive maps and driving directions.
“We have plans to continue to enhance the application based on the needs of our customers,” said Elena Wu, vice president, group marketing and learning services. The free app can be downloaded from GuardianAnytime.com. It’s also currently available at the Google store and at the Apple App store.
Vital Stats: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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Reliance Medical Products' Eclipse Desk Unit Improves Ergonomics and Patient Flow

Product: Reliance Eclipse Light
Top Line: The new Eclipse Desk Unit from Reliance Medical Products wirelessly controls room lighting to minimize repetitive stress movements and maximize patient flow.
Close Up: With its tiny footprint, the compact unit includes charging wells for three instruments. Room lights can be programmed to adjust automatically based on which instrument is in use.
“As our healthcare model continues to change, the Eclipse Desk Unit helps doctors use exam time more efficiently,” said Reliance Medical Products’ vice president of sales and marketing Steve Juenger. “Eclipse may play a role in reducing injuries to eyecare professionals, by eliminating the need to manually reach and adjust the lighting. It’s a device that quickly pays for itself through increased productivity.”
Key features:
  • The room lighting controls are also integrated with the device’s control panel, the slit lamp control switch and the indirect hanger. Physicians can program up to 16 different lighting scenes or use manual overrides enabling them to customize the lighting to their needs and preferences.
  • Eclipse controls incandescent and fluorescent lights. The unit also adjusts the fade rates of the lighting with a sophisticated dimmer that allows fluorescent lights to be faded to one percent of output, without noise or flickers.
  • The portable Eclipse unit was designed to be highly space efficient, requiring a minimal amount of desk space. In addition to fitting on a Reliance stand, it can be retrofitted to other low-voltage stands.
Vital Stats: Eclipse is easy to install. Incorporating the unit into an existing exam room usually can be done without any rewiring.

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