Topcon Updates Ophthalmic Data Management System

Product: Synergy Ophthalmic Data Management System
Top Line: Synergy is web-based software that provides eyecare professionals the ability to easily collect, store, manage and access digital ophthalmic data created by the latest instruments, as well as legacy devices. The data may be accessed from anywhere, at any time, through the use of secured internet connections, without the need for a VPN.
Close Up: Store, manage and review data from over 135 different ophthalmic devices. Communicate and share information with your colleagues, in real time, through your secure, Synergy Community Portal. Enhanced workflow for ease of access to the data you need. Complete interoperability amongst ophthalmic devices and EMRs/EHRs including the use of DICOM and HL7 standards. Simple, unique Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows you to view all images and reports, fast and efficiently with the click of a button, without opening additional windows, or launching review software for various devices.
Vital Stats:
  • Over 5,000 licensed users worldwide
  • Import videos from ophthalmic devices
  • Clinical Workflow & Efficiency
  • Additional features within Synergy such as Community Portal, Patient Journal and the ability to create interpretation reports, allow your practice to operate fast and efficiently.
  • HIPPA compliant
  • No VPN required
  • Built in audit trail
  • Runs on PC & MAC

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Precision Vision Releases New Colenbrander Low Vision Letter Chart

Precision Vision 1 Meter (40 in.) English Colenbrander Low Vision Letter Chart (Cat. No. 4000)
Top Line: The chart contains Sloan letters in LogMAR increments. Optotypes range in size from 50M to 5M on the main chart and from 6M to 1M on the inside chart. When used at 1 meter, the main chart covers the entire Low Vision range from 1/1(20/1000, 0.02) to 1/5 (20/100, 0.2) and extends to 1/1 (20/20, 1.0) on the inside chart.
Close Up: A cord with an occluder is attached to accurately maintain the 1-meter testing distance. The back of the card contains proportionally spaced reading segments from 4M to 0.6M in Times Roman font. From 3M on, two sets are provided to avoid memorization. Each line contains the same number of letters and spaces. Diopter ruler and instructions are included.
Vital Stats: Measures 54.5 X 40.5cm (21.5 X 16 in.). Folds to 27.25 X 40.5cm (10.75 X 16 in.). Also available in English (Part # 4001), Spanish (Part # 4002), Portuguese (Part # 4003), German (Part # 4004), Dutch (Part # 4005), Finnish (Part # 4006), Swedish (Part # 4007), Italian (Part # 4008) and French (Part # 4009)

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Payment Processing System Features Multiple Functions

The Revenue Maximizer
Top Line: The Revenue Maximizer by Transengen is a real-time patient responsibility calculation and payment processing system, estimating at the point-of-care what the patient owes. It consists of a suite of web-based tools aimed at accelerating patient payments, improving cash flow and reducing bad debt for provider offices.
Close Up: The Revenue Maximizer allows the optometrist’s or ophthalmologist’s office to tie the patient account, provider, location, department and claim ID to the payment transaction. Users can also view payment activity for multiple locations on one system, from just one merchant account. The system processes major credit and debit cards; provides electronic checking account transactions and converts paper checks to electronic funds transfers; generates detailed transaction reports by patient, office location, provider and date; uses standard security and operational standards to protect card and account holder data and processes all transactions with PCI Level One Certified partners.
Vital Stats: As a web-based system, the Revenue Maximizer uses your current computer hardware and Internet connection (with a small card reader that
plugs into the computer’s USB port).; (888) 392-7878

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Rounding App Serves as Clinical Tool and Educational Platform

MediRounds App
Top Line: MediRounds is a physician-designed medical rounding app that serves as both a clinical tool and as an educational platform to improve the clinician’s approach to medical rounding. With its intuitive design and contextual functionality, MediRounds makes it fast and easy for clinicians to track, access, maintain, and analyze data related to patient rounds.
Close Up: MediRounds eliminates the need for handwritten rounding sheets by providing a user-friendly interface where clinicians can input key information collected during rounds as well as "Air Print" or email notes at the end of the day. The systems-based, color-coordinated format of the main screen enables fast input and easy scanning of patient information. MediRounds app allows clinicians to maintain patient lists, track "to-do's", view patient status, and quickly access historical information for that patient's stay.
In addition to supporting clinicians in daily activities, MediRounds also serves as a teaching platform with tutorials on key topics such as Critical Thinking in Medicine, Decision-Making on Rounds, Constructing the Presentation, and more. The data trending capability of the app helps clinicians ask the right questions and contextualize patient data.
Vital Stats: An iPad version of MediRounds is now available for $29.99 in the U.S. The company intends to release iPhone and iPod Touch versions of the app soon.

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