Richmond Intros New Pediatric Near Contrast Test

Pediatric Near Contrast Test
Top Line: The new Pediatric Near Contrast Test from Richmond Products provides a quick, effective and convenient way to detect and track ocular pathologies in children using LEA Symbols and LEA Numbers.
Close Up: Low contrast acuity loss measurement can be used to demonstrate progress in disease treatment and help children's parents understand the need for continued care.The Pediatric Near Contrast Test provides six contrast sensitivity levels: 100 percent, 25 percent, 5 percent, 2.5 percent and 1.25 percent.
The test is administered at 16 inches(40 cm) making it quicker and more convenient than repositioning a patient to use a distance contrast test such as the (adult only) Pelli-Robson Test.
LEA Symbols and LEA Numbers at full contrast are presented 20/400 to 20/10 in 17 increments. The other contrast levels are presented in 15 levels 20/400 to 20/16. Optotype sizes are listed in Snellen feet and meters, LogMAR, decimal and letter size for each line.
Vital Stats: A "mask" is provided to block the acuity measures and help focus the child's attention on the test line.

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Essilor Rolls Out Serious Game Training Tool for ECPs

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Essilor of America is rolling out a unique online training tool for eyecare professionals (ECPs), created by a leading Serious Game developer. With a Spanish-language version to follow next month, Essilor’s Serious Game training tool is designed to teach and improve dispensers’ skills for recommending lenses based on patients’ interests, needs and lifestyles.
Top Line: “Essilor has found that patients have a higher response rate and greater perception of product value when ECPs make recommendations on their individual needs,” said Carl Bracy, senior vice president of marketing and new business, Essilor of America. “Essilor’s Serious Game training develops ECPs’ skills to identify consumer’s needs based on a series of true-to-life scenarios that are applicable in the dispensary environment.”
Close Up: The game introduces six animated characters, who respond to questions and recommendations made by the ECPs in a simulated dispensary. It teaches how to recognize patient needs and recommend the most appropriate Essilor products, such as No-Glare, polarized, photochromic and anti-fog lenses. Players are then scored based on their abilities to recognize a patient’s issue and recommend proper products for them. The training also provides relevant feedback based on their handling of each situation.
Vital Stats: Essilor’s Serious Game Training Tool has been under development for the past two years, while being tested with ECPs in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. Serious Games has been applied to teach in a variety of professional capacities, including improving surgical techniques and military personnel interaction with civilians on foreign turf.

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Free App Helps Patients Manage Eye Medications

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EyeDrops App
Top Line: EyeDrops is a smartphone application that reminds patients when and how to take their eye drops.
Close Up: The EyeDrop pull-down menus prompt users to enter drug regimen information, including dosages and schedules. The EyeDrops app then alerts patients via their phones when it’s time to apply their eye drops. With one simple keystroke, the EyeDrops app simultaneously keeps a record of medication usage and automatically informs the patient of the next scheduled dosing time.
The app also tracks multiple eye medications and demonstrates the correct way to administer eye drops, stressing the need for eyelid closure and proper intervals between drops. Patients can also use EyeDrops to access a dedicated website for information about glaucoma and for links to other health information sites.
The basic EyeDrops app is free and currently available for Android and iPhone users. The free app allows users to take a photo of each bottle to avoid confusion when patients take more than one kind of eye drop.
A premium version is planned for both Android and iPhone devices that, for a nominal charge, will offer a significantly enriched and more robust experience for patients. The premium EyeDrops will include:
  • The reminder and how-to functions of the basic EyeDrops app.
  • The ability to enter drop regimens for more than one family member.
  • The ability to track compliance for weeks/months, as well as the opportunity to email this information to the treating doctor.
  • A database to enter a patient’s prior laser and surgical interventions.
  • A catalog of all previously used drops and the reason they were discontinued.
  • A record of intraocular pressures with the ability to view the IOP history as a continuous graph.
  • The ability to enter medication schedules on the web or phone, with automatic synching between the two.
Vital Stats: The EyeDrops app is available for Android phones through Google Play, and for iPhone through the App Store. Simply search for “EyeDROPS.”

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Vigor Reintroduces Double Jointed Cutters

Double Jointed Cutters
Top Line: Vigor Optical announces a return to their line of the double jointed cutters. The double joint allows for superior strength suitable for both stainless steel & titanium up to 1.5mm diameter. Also the double joints provide for better torque and easier cutting with less pressure. The tungsten carbide blades provide sharpness and ease of cutting.
Close Up: The new cutters are available in two styles. An end cutter with a 20mm cutting edge, 5 ¾” long, and a heavy coil spring. Model # 46.218. A side cutter with a 15mm cutting edge, 7” long and a leaf spring. Model # 46.219
Vital Stats: Vigor tools and supplies are available through a local distributor or visit www.vigoroptical.com

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