Canon U.S.A. Releases RK-F2 Full Auto Ref-Keratometer

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Canon RK-F2
Top Line: The Canon RK-F2 Full Auto Ref-Keratometer is the company's newest eyecare product. It features a compact design, weighs 11 pounds less than its predecessor, and simplifies the standard autorefraction and keratometry measurement procedure to just one step.
Close Up: When set to full auto mode, a healthcare professional can automatically align, focus and acquire a reading for one eye and continue to the opposite eye to perform the same function, all with one touch of a button. The RK-F2, which incorporates a motorized chin rest, has a minimum pupil size of 2.0 mm, an enhancement over the predecessor product's 2.5 mm minimum. Together, these features contribute to a comfortable, efficient screening process, helping to assist the healthcare professional when a patient's pupil is difficult to dilate.
www.usa.canon.com; (800) 970-7227

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Eyemaginations Launches Significant New Software Update

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Luma v1.9 software update
Top Line: Eyemaginations has announced its latest software update for Luma, the comprehensive patient education and marketing software platform for healthcare professionals. Luma v1.9 features a wide variety of new healthcare topics across a number of medical specialties. The new topics include subjects such as lid hygiene, macular degeneration, meibomian gland dysfunction, blepharoplasty, facelifts, laser skin resurfacing and rhinoplasty. The system also includes commercials and media from vendors such as Alcon, Hoya, and Zeiss.
Close Up: With Luma, doctors can ensure that patients understand their conditions and treatments. Concurrently, the practice can market premium products and services while saving time and increasing productivity. When used with the Eyemaginations full suite of products including Echo and Online, doctors can increase education, drive revenue, and maximize their time spent with patients.
Vital Stats: Also, new in Luma v1.9 is the introduction of split-screen views offered within the Exam Advisor on such topics as refractive errors, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts. These unique animations allow for simultaneous views of both condition development and point-of-view perspectives for selected conditions. Finally, Eyemaginations is pleased to announce the launch of its vignette offering. These silent waiting room segments are designed to provide specific messaging and call-to-action language for patient marketing. Enhanced tutorial videos have also been added to ensure that Luma users are maximizing their software to its fullest potential.
www.eyemaginations.com; (877) 321-5481

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focalCenter Launches Website for eyecareScore Platform

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This new, user-friendly site is an information platform for eyecareScore, focalCenter’s innovative and standardized patient feedback solution for eyecare, eyewear and managed care providers. The site informs users of the features, benefits and effectiveness of eyecareScore.
Top Line: “Our site offers background on the need for feedback measurement and is a site for eyecare stakeholders to learn about best practices in patient experience metrics,” said Ron Krefman, OD, FAAO, founder and CEO of focalCenter. “As a web based solution, the site automates and simplifies the process for subscribing to the feedback tools and benchmarking built into eyecareScore, and serves as the host for administering feedback and reporting portal for viewing and analyzing patient experience results,” he added.
Close Up: Viewers can learn about the main features of eyecareScore with a series of screen shots and short videos to help become acquainted with the application, its functionality, and ease of use. There are calculators to determine the Return On Investment (ROI), and the margin of error a user can expect by subscribing to eyecareScore.
Vital Stats: A free trial is offered allowing users to click for access to the dashboard reports and benchmarks. On May 1, focalCenter and Eyefinity, a VSP Global company, announced a strategic relationship that allows users of OfficeMate practice management software to integrate with focalCenter’s eyecareScore survey solution.

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Eschenbach Announces More Low Vision Webinars

Low Vision Webinars
Top Line: Eschenbach has scheduled a new series of webinars offering low vision education for eyecare practitioners. The sessions, which will take place from May through August, 2012, cover a variety of topics to assist ECPs in maximizing their low vision patient outcomes.
Close Up: The topics range from device category reviews to clinical and practice management topics including clinical tips, patient case studies and marketing. These one-hour webinars are easy to attend and convenient. Participants can log in from their office to watch, listen and learn.
Vital Stats: Upcoming low vision webinar schedule:
  • May 23, 2012   Stand Magnifiers
  • June 6, 2012     Ask the Experts: Answers to Questions You Were
                             Afraid to Ask
  • June 20, 2012   Telescopic Vision Aids: Part 1
  • July 11, 2012     Pediatric Low Vision
  • July 25, 2012    Hand-held Magnifiers
  • Aug. 8, 2012     How to Start a Low Vision Service—Tips & Tricks
  • Aug. 22, 2012   Selling for the Low Vision Professional
For more information, click on the Upcoming Webinars link in the Resource Center for Professionals at www.eschenbach.com. To register for any of the webinars, send an email to dsommers@eschenbach.com.

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