6calls Adds Inbound Calling Service to Telecare

Inbound and Outbound Call Services
Top Line: 6calls has expanded its Telecare service with the addition of a feature that takes an eyecare practice’s inbound calls. An eyecare practice can now utilize Telecare’s team of optically trained representatives to handle both inbound calls as well as their “live” reminder, recall and recovery outbound services.
Close Up: Calls coming into a practice are forwarded into the 6calls datacenter and assigned to a Telecare agent. When the agent answers they have automatic access to the practice’s information, customized script, specialized instructions as well as remote access to the practice’s scheduling utilities. This gives Telecare agents the ability to perform services as if they were sitting in the practice itself without callers knowing it’s a third party.
"When we started our live outbound calling service, we had no idea there would be so much interest in offices looking for inbound services as well,” said Mike Karlsrud, CEO of 6calls. “We are pleased to announce that we are offering our Telecare Front Office Suite service that includes taking patient calls while the office is closed or handling day-to-day calls as they come in."
Karlsrud noted that the goal of the inbound call service is to free up staff or give a practice the option to have the phone answered live when no one is in the office. 6calls uses software integration to schedule appointments, answer patient questions and give a customized conversation determined by the practice when answering calls.
Vital Stats: Through Telecare, opticians are available to handle a practice’s reminder, recall and recovery calls and, now, their inbound calls as well. Telecare’s opticians are able to perform these calls at a lower cost than doing it in-house with better results while relieving staff of interruptions for better patient care, according to 6calls.; (877) 808-9342

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Aspex Launches New E-Commerce Site for ECPs

Aspex Eyewear Group, one of the largest eyewear manufacturers in North America, launched its new e-commerce site for eye care professionals. Completely reengineered, the site showcases all Aspex brand lines, including EasyClip, Manhattan Design Studio and Takumi Magnetic Eyewear and offers a host of new features including the opportunity to view new styles and products on the day of release as well as place orders at any time of the day throughout the entire year.
Top Line: Additional features include a zoom capability providing enhanced viewing options for visitors, the ability to order parts such as clips, temples, fronts and a “wish list.” Users can also check on the availability of products and colors on a “live” basis, view point-of-purchase material and display products to consumers with or without prices.
Close Up: The new site features fresh design and layout with bold graphics and detailed product photos as well as improved search and navigation plus streamlined ordering options. A new point-of-purchase section includes counter display material and other items.
Vital Stats: Visitors to the new Aspex site at will discover the new look and feel and all the new advancements.

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EyeMed Vision Care Enhances Member Web Site to Emphasize Importance of Vision Benefits

EyeMed’s Enhanced Member Web Site
Top Line: EyeMed Vision Care, a division of Luxottica, has released a newly refreshed and enhanced version of its website for EyeMed members at
Close Up: The site now features updated, engaging content with new capabilities that enable EyeMed members to conveniently access information they want, when they want it.
The open enrollment section of has an interactive game relevant to individuals’ health and vision needs. The game informs potential members in an interesting way the importance of vision benefits and eye exams for detecting vision problems, eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, and high-risk health conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and even cancer.
Vital Stats: The updated site also enables members, once enrolled, to:
  • print identification cards
  • obtain explanation of benefits (EOBs) electronically
  • check claims status

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Precision Vision Intros Ergo-Lux Kit

Precision Vision's Ergo-Lux Kit
Top Line: Precision Vision is introducing its latest low vision products, The Ergo-Lux. The company’s low vision products are the result of long and intense testing with a heavy focus on ergonomics and patient satisfaction.
Close Up: Ergo-Lux is available in multiple magnifications and also a box set. The Ergo-Lux Box set comes complete with all five magnification powers (8D, 12D, 16D, 20D, & 24D).
The ergonomic design supports the hand and the arm to ensure a natural and stress free position. The correct distance between the object and the lens is found automatically when the handle end sits on the object. A very bright, consistent and high-contrast light is created by a four-chip SMD LED. This also creates the ideal illumination of the reading material or object.
Vital Stats: Aspheric lightweight design. Uses three AAA batteries and has low energy consumption providing a long battery life. When required, changing the batteries is very easy due to an easy closing mechanism built into the handle.; (815) 223-2022

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