VM LIVE Speakers to Discuss Technology’s New Role in the Customer Experience

Pete Bridgman
Stephen Crossland
NEW YORK—Innovative retailers are using virtual reality and other cutting edge technologies to create exciting in-store experiences that attract consumers and engage them with their brands. These technologies are an increasingly important tool for shaping the Customer Experience, and will be the focus of Customer X 360, a new VM LIVE event at Vision Expo West on Wednesday, Sept. 14.

A special program for retail executives, VM LIVE will bring leaders from inside and outside of the optical business to talk about and illustrate how CX is the essential approach now, blending data management, digitized displays and new merchandising environments to engage the customer. Attendees will learn what kind of experiences drive customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention, which tools retail managers should consider to transform and enhance the customer experience, which tools hold potential for the exam experience and the dispensary and which new technologies bring the right combination of “click” and “brick” to the eyecare practice and optical retailer.

The latest addition to the VM Live speaker roster, Stephen Crossland of Fuel3D, will discuss how 3D capture and imaging systems are being used to enhance the CX in the optical retail store. Crossland, who is vice president, enterprise sales for the UK-based company, will explain how advanced its proprietary technology can improve the fitting of eyewear.

Originally developed in Oxford University, Fuel3D’s technology allows companies to utilize cost-effective, fast and accurate 3D image capture to improve existing practices, provide enhanced services to customers and gain advantages in their markets. The technology captures images at a speed faster than a tenth of a second and offers a unique capability for scanning organic subjects and capturing highly accurate data.

Crossland has been with Fuel3D since the beginning and brings many years of sales and marketing experience. Previously working with a Fortune 500 company in the medical sector, he now heads-up Fuel3D’s Enterprise activities in North America and works with clients to identify and develop market-leading custom 3D applications.

Additionally, Pete Bridgman, senior vice president and general manager, LensCrafters North America will discuss the CX strategies of the world’s leading optical retail chain. His presentation will provide a look at LensCrafters’ new store design, just being rolled out, and the use of technology in the patient/customer journey, including the new Clarifye digital eye exam.

Bridgman is responsible for the brand, product, innovation, customer service, people and technology strategies for the nearly 1,000-store retailer with locations across the U.S. and Canada, including shop-in-shop LensCrafters’ locations opening in select Macy’s Department Stores in 2016. As an architect of strategy and associate engagement, his emphasis is LensCrafters’ sustained growth, both in sales and profit. Other VM LIVE speakers will be announced soon.

“Today’s consumers are bringing a new set of expectations to all retailers and are responding to technologically-enhanced environments, digital tools and more. This VM LIVE event is designed to help leading optical retailers and ECPs learn more about how these ideas and tools can be adapted in their own businesses,” said Marge Axelrad, SVP and editorial director of Vision Monday.

VM LIVE is another in a series of Vision Monday’s leadership-driven, special live information-sharing and networking events, targeting senior retail executive decision makers and influential practitioners.

VM LIVE will be held on Wednesday, Sept.14 at the Venetian/Sands Expo & Convention Center, just prior to the start of International Vision Expo West, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Tickets are $95 and registration is now open for VM LIVE Customer X 360 at www.Visionmonday.com/live.