RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif.—The VSP Global Premier Program will now extend additional revenue opportunities for eligible lens partner products as part of what VSP describes as its larger commitment to support network doctors’ long-term success through expanded choice and flexibility. In addition to receiving Unity Savings when dispensing Unity, SunSync, TechShield, and Ethos products, doctors participating at the Platinum level of Premier can receive exclusive payments on eligible Carl Zeiss Vision and Hoya Vision Care products dispensed to their patients with VSP benefits.

The news comes after the announcement last May that Carl Zeiss Vision and Hoya Vision Care joined the VSP Global Premier Program as lens partners, expanding lens target criteria to include purchases of eligible Hoya and Zeiss lenses, enhancements, and coatings dispensed to VSP patients. VMAIL reported on that news in May 2021.

“The VSP Global Premier Program continues to evolve to deliver more value, choice and flexibility to network doctors,” said Michelle Skinner, VSP Global chief network officer. “The Extra Lens Savings Program is the latest example of our commitment to support the long-term success of participating doctors by providing opportunities to increase capture rate, profitability, and patient satisfaction.”

In addition to Unity Savings, beginning Oct. 1, 2021, doctors at the Platinum level can receive exclusive Extra Lens Savings on eligible Hoya and Zeiss products dispensed to VSP patients.

  • Doctors dispensing eligible Hoya products to VSP patients can earn up to $9 in HoyaSavings from VSP in addition to savings received through Hoya’s proprietary loyalty program.

  • Doctors dispensing eligible Zeiss products to VSP patients can earn up to $12 in Zeiss Savings from VSP, in addition to Zeiss’ proprietary lab and doctor alliance rebate programs.
VSP network doctors participating at the Platinum level will continue to receive significant savings when prescribing VSP Optics products, including Unity and Ethos Lenses, TechShield Anti-Reflective Coatings, and SunSync Light-Reactive Lenses, VSP noted.

“As a foundation-owned company celebrating its 175th anniversary this year, Zeiss has long shared VSP’s goal of supporting doctor choice and independent optometry. In addition to Zeiss SmartLife, DriveSafe, PhotoFusion and DuraVision premium products counting toward VSP Global Premier Program lens thresholds, we are excited that practices at the Platinum level now earn Zeiss Savings rebates on qualifying lenses. With expanded value in the Zeiss and VSP programs there has simply never been a better time to partner with Zeiss,” said Jens Boy, president of Zeiss Vision Care North America.

“As a firm believer in the power of choice for all independent eyecare professionals, we are committed to their business and patients,” said Eduardo Martins, president of Hoya Vision Care U.S. “Premium Hoya lens designs such as iD LifeStyle 3, and our leading anti-reflective treatment Super HiVision EX3+ differentiate practices. The opportunity to offer additional savings on premium Hoya lens designs and treatments through the VSP Global Premier Program reaffirms that commitment and our shared goal of supporting our customers to achieve their long-term success.”

In addition to the new exclusive Extra Lens Savings, VSP network doctors can take advantage of a wide variety of opportunities designed to enhance patient flow, boost profitability, and provide additional practice support, VSP said. The VSP Global Premier Program recently announced four new enhancements including VSP Global Premier Program Shared Savings, an Eyefinity Practice Management credit, a national advertising campaign along with robust provider marketing tools, and community networking events.

More details about the VSP Global Premier Program are posted here.