SAN RAMON, Calif.—CooperVision, a leader in myopia management, has announced new data that the company said demonstrates how certified U.S. eyecare practices have embraced MiSight 1 day contact lenses for myopia control. The findings span confidence in the lens, duty to care, and the relationship between the eyecare professional (ECP) and patients and parents, the announcement noted. A study of more than 100 U.S. MiSight 1 day-prescribing ECPs illustrated their trust in the lenses and their potential, according to CooperVision’s announcement.

According to the study, 97 percent of the ECPs are confident that fitting the innovative contact lenses to age-appropriate patients with myopia will have a positive impact on patients’ long-term vision health, which is a key consideration in myopia management. Each diopter of myopia prevented may lower the risk of myopic maculopathy, glaucoma and other sight-threatening conditions, the company said.
An encouraging sign of positive change, 96 percent of these ECPs believe that offering MiSight 1 day to their age-appropriate patients with myopia demonstrates that they are a leader in providing the best vision care and 97 percent agree that more ECPs should offer myopia management options, CooperVision said.
Among the study’s other findings: 87 percent of surveyed ECPs further report that myopia management is the standard of care in their practice. This significant majority aligns with the World Council of Optometry resolution advising all optometrists to incorporate a standard of care for myopia management in their practices.
Though myopia management can represent a significant lifestyle commitment and financial investment for parents of children with myopia, the research indicated that 70 percent of parents purchase MiSight 1 day after it is prescribed to their age-appropriate children, according to the announcement.
The parent-ECP relationship also benefits: 87 percent of ECPs shared that by prescribing MiSight 1 day to their age-appropriate patients with myopia, they strengthened their relationship with those families as a result.
“MiSight 1 day is the only FDA-approved soft contact lenses to date proven to slow myopia progression in children, aged 8-12 at the initiation of treatment. Its value is even more resounding with this new data,” said Justin Kwan, OD, senior manager of myopia management for CooperVision. “Myopia control takes teamwork and commitment from ECPs, parents, and children. The ECP confidence and conviction that shines through this data leaves no doubt that MiSight 1 day is enabling and supporting that success.”
To learn more about MiSight 1 day contact lenses for myopia control and/or how to become certified to prescribe the lens, visit the CooperVision site here.