EVOlens Is a New, Data-Driven PAL Recommendation System from IOT

TORRANCE, Calif.—IOT has recently introduced EVOlens, a patented, data-driven decision machine learning system designed to increase patient satisfaction over time. Many industries rely on machine learning algorithms to provide continuous improvement to the consumer experience over time. EVOlens brings this same innovation to the selection of progressive lens designs, according to IOT.

The EVOlens recommendation system objectively chooses the best progressive design for each patient based on the feedback of wearers with similar visual profiles. The EVOlens system utilizes machine learning to analyze many data points, including continuously gathered feedback from wearers, to adjust not only lens selection but also lens designs over time. EVOlens is the result of a seven years of continuous study and data from thousands of wearers.

“Choosing the best progressive lens design for each wearer is one of the most important decisions an eyecare professional makes,” said Daniel Crespo, CEO and president of IOT. “EVOlens can deliver a more consistent and systematic approach to that process and allow ECPs the power to improve their business and give their patients a better experience.”

EVOlens includes three key elements: the EVOlens algorithm which selects the best lens design for each patient based on wearer feedback; the EVOlens platform for the collection of patient information; and the EVOlens business intelligence interface which gives businesses unprecedented insight into the experience they are providing to their consumers. In addition, EVOlens provides a systematic approach to tracking and reducing patient rejections and can also be utilized as a powerful digital marketing tool. EVOlens can make customized recommendations and send special offers and incentives to eyecare consumers.

More details and a downloadable PDF about the EVOlens algorithm and how it works can be found here.