New Partnerships Help Zeiss Vision to Raise Awareness of Full-Face UV Protection

SAN DIEGO—Through a series of partnerships, Carl Zeiss Vision is working to build awareness of the importance of UV protection for patients and has also amplified the message through new digital communications and tools to help practitioners explain, evaluate and recommend solutions to patients.

Earlier this month, the company said it has entered into partnerships with skin care company MDSolarSciences and the American Cancer Society to help raise awareness of full-face UV protection. In addition, Zeiss Vision has partnered with Voxelight, LLC, maker of the popular Sunscreenr UV Camera, to develop the hand-held tablet to show consumers how much protection their eyes have from ultraviolet (UV) rays and how susceptible they could be to exposure.

The partnership with MDSolarSciences, a Stamford, Connecticut-based company formed by an oncologist and a dermatologist, is intended to educate consumers on the importance of full UV protection for both the skin and the eyes, Zeiss said in a statement. MDSolarSciences carries The Skin Cancer Foundation seal of approval, selling clean, safe and nontoxic SPF products that are lab tested for every skin type.

By partnering with a leading, doctor-developed skin care brand, Zeiss hopes to encourage people of all ages to take greater action to ensure their entire faces are fully protected against solar UV rays.

“We are thrilled to partner with MDSolarSciences in our pursuit of educating consumers about the importance of daily UV protection for both the skin and the eyes,” said Andrew Hyncik, vice president of marketing for Zeiss Vision Care. “Many Americans don’t realize that lenses often don’t protect up to the recommended 400nm threshold for UV, something that sun/skin care companies have been doing for many years, and Zeiss branded lenses now offer.”

Both Zeiss and MDSolarSciences have developed products to help consumers better protect their faces from UV exposure. Zeiss recently launched Zeiss UVProtect Technology that, for the first time, provides full, UV protection up to 400nm in a clear eyeglass lens, the recommended World Health Organization standard. Zeiss UVProtect technology is available in all Zeiss-branded lenses.

“I realized early in my career that prevention is paramount,” said Robert Friedman, MD, MSc (Med), and founder of MDSolarSciences. “This partnership with Zeiss is an extension of our mission. Together with our joint message we can educate people to take the steps necessary to protect their entire face—skin and eyes—from solar UV radiation.”

Zeiss’s partnership with the American Cancer Society will help raise funds for the ACS mission to fight cancer from every angle. The partnership will raise awareness about the importance of UV protection and support the mission of the American Cancer Society, Zeiss said.

“Zeiss is proud to partner with the American Cancer Society in an effort to help consumers protect their eyes and eyelids from UV rays,” said Hyncik.

Zeiss Vision is working with eyecare professional partners as part of its Zeiss UVProtect Technology campaign to make full UV protection up to 400nm top of mind for both consumers and eyecare providers “With eyeglass technology now offering the same amount of UV protection commonly found in premium sunglasses, Zeiss is on a mission to ensure patients with prescription eyeglasses fully protect their eyes and eyelids from UV rays, all day, every day,” said Hyncik.

The Zeiss C-UV400 is now available at select eyecare providers. The C-UV400 is designed to illustrate the amount of UV protection present in a pair of eyeglasses and is the first-time that eyecare professionals are able to show patients how much of this invisible light is being blocked by the lenses they are wearing. The hand-held tablet can be used to show consumers how much protection their eyes have from ultraviolet (UV) rays and how susceptible they could be to exposure.

Displayed on an eight-inch tablet, Zeiss C-UV400 incorporates Sunscreenr’s patent-pending UV camera technology, showing how much a person’s eyeglasses are protecting their skin and eyes from the sun’s UV rays by using a specially designed indoor UV light technology. Now available, C-UV400 technology captures images that help eyecare professionals evaluate and improve UV protection for their patients’ eyes and delicate eyelids.