Transitions Optical's Eyeglass Guide Is Revamped With Customizable Tools for Patients

PINELLAS PARK, Fla.—Transitions Optical has just released a new Eyeglass Guide, with a new tool customizable to each eyecare practice that allows patients to create their own pair of eyeglasses based on their vision needs, eyeglass style and lifestyle preferences.

The tool will also help them select frame styles and lenses that best fit their needs and preferences, the company noted.

The Eyeglass Builder tool includes eight questions that determine how often they are bothered by light and glare, what activities they do indoors and out, and their eyeglass persona. When the patient has finished, the builder provides an image of the eyeglasses the patient designed, as well as their personalized recommendation of lens options that they can print or email directly to the practice. Patients can also share the eyeglasses they designed on social media directly from the builder website.

“The new Eyeglass Builder helps patients assess their lifestyle, vision and style needs before entering the practice, so they are prepared to discuss them with their eyecare professional,” said Patience Cook, director, North America marketing, Transitions Optical. “Eyecare professionals can leverage this tool to engage patients before their next visit.”

Eyecare practices can sign up to personalize their own URL with their logo, practice name and contact information, as well as create links to automatically email results to the practice. Eyecare practices interested in their own personalized Eyeglass Builder URL can sign up here.