What's the Perfect Promotion? A Case Study in Patient Appreciation Day


NEW YORK—Promoting an event properly can seem like a monumental task. You need to brainstorm the right event that suits your goals. And then you’ve got to plan all the logistics, including how to promote it. As EyeCarePro.net recently shared, there are relatively simple things you can be doing which will make promoting your event much more effective. From direct mail to digital ad campaigns on social media to flyers and signage, they all contribute. Whatever you do, EyeCarePro points out, should always include a special landing page with a simple RSVP.

Dunlap Vision, based in Bourbonnais, Ill. decided last month to run their first-ever Patient Appreciation Day. It was a great success, starting out with a robust planning schedule. This included, promoting the event 30 days out on their practice website as well as posting on Facebook and GoogleMyBusiness at 24 days out. Reaching out to patients with an email blast 21 days prior and then a reminder email blast a week ahead of the day.

The tactic that got the most traction was a simple landing page with all the event details. The pop-up and Facebook posts directed traffic there, and the extra touch was an RSVP form right on the website—incentivizing people to attend by being entered in a raffle for an appealing prize. The RSVP wasn't mandated in order to attend, but the raffle helped to build a sense of commitment and excitement for the participants. And it worked.

Of the 475 people who visited the promotion landing page, 60 people signed up. That’s a 12.63 percent conversion rate, EyeCarePro pointed out, which is stellar in the arena of digital marketing. Of those 60 registrants, 90 percent attended the event. Additionally, 120 people who did not register showed up as well, for a whopping total of 180 participants.

The branding impact for the practice was huge and lots of people expressed interest in doing it again next year, which the practice plans to do. While the event was held outdoors this first time, they plan to hold the event inside next year, to maximize optical sales.