NEW YORK—Some eye-opening discoveries emerged when Forrester surveyed marketing decision makers across industries—including health care, financial services, insurance, automotive, and retail. The survey findings revealed the challenges marketing leaders faced in 2020 and how they’re planning for 2021—and illuminated just how important a data-driven omnichannel marketing strategy that includes intelligence on consumer phone calls is during this period of digital transformation. It’s a significant trend impacting the vision care and optical retail sector as well.

Since the onset of COVID-19, there’s been an unprecedented shift in how consumers engage with businesses and what they expect from their brand interactions. Digital behaviors have dramatically accelerated over the past year.

As a result of these shifts in consumer behavior, enterprise marketers expect to see the following initiatives in 2021: improved customer satisfaction will become a top priority; operational efficiency will become more important than ever before; there will be a greater need for visibility and insights around customer calls; and there will be a greater desire to explore and utilize more channels than before.

The data are part of an infographic developed by Dialogtech which can be seen above and can also be accessed with more information here.