BARCELONA, Spain—Etnia Barcelona, having built its story through reflections of art and photography icons, explores the world of graffiti and street art with the launch of the Jean-Michel Basquiat collection of sunglasses.

Inspired by three original works by Basquiat—Fallen Angel, Glenn and In This Case, each model features temple patterns based on these works as well as a notched detail on the upper front resembling Basquiat’s iconic crown symbol. With references to music, pop culture and comics, this collection transmits the transgressive, powerful and emotional aspects of his work that made Basquiat one of the most important figures in today’s art culture, the company said.

“This will be one of the most important collaborations between Etnia Barcelona and an artist,” said David Pellicer, founder and CEO of Etnia Barcelona. “With this collection we want to reinforce one of our values as a brand, our culture linked.”

The collection, which launched on May 12, will be sold exclusively at the following U.S locations for a month before opening up to other retailers: Whitney Museum of American Art, Saks Fifth Avenue; Perez Art Museum, Alchemist and Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago. The collection is also available in 20 top fashion shops worldwide, including Madrid, Milan, Paris, London and Toronto.

Dispenser Price Guide: $$$