What Are You Wearing?: Great Spectacles, Stockton, California


Lynda Winter Owner, Certified Optician

Lynda has been in the optical industry for 50 years, after an employment agency placed her in a front desk job at an optometric practice.

She updates her frame collection quarterly, and has about a dozen ophthalmic and 10 sunglass styles.

FRAMES / Blake Kuwahara Ledoux Fade to Grey in Venetian
LENSES / Zeiss Individual 2 progressive with Dura Vision Platinum UV

“They are stylish but understated, the intricate blend of venetian blind stripe at the brow faded color and bold edge finish. They are one of the most comfortable frames I have worn.”

Tara Heredia Optician

Tara discovered her passion for the optical industry 20 years ago when she heard Lynda was hiring through her aunt, who was a customer.

She has more frames than she can count.

FRAMES / Chanel 4221 in 108/3p
LENSES / Chanel plano lens

“I love this frame because of how comfortable it is. The gorgeous tint allows me to wear the frame inside as well as outside which is becoming a very popular look.”

Sydney Humphrey Social Media

Sydney began working in the optical industry two years ago, and immediately fell in love with it.

She owns two pairs of glasses and five pairs of sunglasses.

FRAMES / Chanel 3361 in 1598
LENSES / Zeiss single vision with blue light protection

“I like the glasses because they are so comfortable, a great color for my skin tone, and a great shape for my face. I get compliments every time I wear them.”

Erika Clark Assistant

Erika has been working in the industry for a little over a year.

She has too many pairs to count.

FRAMES / Pomellato sunglasses

“I love this frame because of how unique the color and shape is. I get asked where it is from anytime I wear it.”

Emma Lindquist Assistant

Emma started working at Great Spectacles this summer.

She owns 10 pairs of sunglasses.

FRAMES / CHANEL 4244 in 108/D8

“I love these glasses because of the chain detail, the unique color and shape of the lens.”